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LED Lights Glow With Uneven How To Solve?
Mar 14, 2017

LED lamp is lighting in common life, various shops, restaurants, hotels in the outdoor is everywhere, in indoor can say almost all the family lighting will use to the LED lamp belt, on the one hand, is a kind of means of indirect lighting, on the other hand is a very good adornment effect, build the environment atmosphere. But we can find the LED lights glowing with time there will be uneven, the bleak situation, what is this? How should solve?

LED lamp belt is installed inside a lamp chamfer, build large luminous ceiling and metope, the effect of washing wall shape, it is because of its large range of lamplight illuminate, so once appear, problem can affect a wide range of light and shadow. We when choosing LED lamp belt must polish eyes carefully selected.


Good quality LED lamp bead, light bead is in line with the brightness of the lamp bead between and uniform light, and light with fore and aft brightness also should agree. Lamp with light color also should agree, with shiny surface with white paper close to the lights, the eyes directly observed. Want lamp glow with a uniform, when the choose and buy will choose good color, color rendering index Ra > 80 is a professional LED lights belt must meet the requirements. This is also the national standard GB50034-2013 requirements.

Lamp with incorrect installation will also affect the lighting effects.

Metope paint uneven will appear the phenomenon of irregular light, which we can use the installation box can be solved. LED lamp with light Angle is 120 °, usually some lamp chamfer is too high, we cannot see the LED lamp with light. , LED lamp belt pad can be high, make the light band and keep the distance along the lamp chamfer in 4-5 cm is preferred, or bring light on the side wall.


If the lamp is too long, the tail brightness is not enough, you can use more powerful constant pressure drive, such as 6 m light band with 4 a electric equipment, guarantee the electrical appliances have enough margin, unapt cause waste; Can also change the lamp with connections to solve the problem of the tail is not bright.


LED lights with different installation to the combination of indoor and outdoor environment, according to the actual use correctly installed, to ensure good light effect, prolong service life. Lamp with the use of more is to build the environment, add more fun to life!