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LED Lights Can Help Cure Old Nerds
Jun 16, 2017

LED lights can help cure old nerds

Researchers at the Massachusetts institute of technology say that LED lights with flashing lights may be expected to help treat alzheimer's disease.

Researchers using genetic programming to develop alzheimer's disease in mice, after them to the little mouse in a called the hippocampus (and recovery plays a key role in the formation of memory) areas of the brain, with the frequency of 40 hz gamma oscillation to stimulate them. An hour later, the researchers found that the levels of beta-amyloid in the hippocampus decreased by 40% to 50%. The researchers also found that alzheimer's disease in mice very early received an hour, 40 hz after the LED light intensity, enhanced their brain gamma oscillations, sample beta amyloid protein levels also fell by half. The scientists then studied whether longer periods of treatment could reduce beta-amyloid plaques in mice with higher sedimentary levels. After seven consecutive days of LED exposure to the mice, the plaques and free-floating amyloid dropped significantly.

   Mr. Picower, director of the center for learning and memory at the Massachusetts institute of technology, neuroscience, says li-huei tsai, a professor at this kind of therapy is applies to human alzheimer's patients, still needs further research.