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LED Lights And Plants Fit

LED lights and plants fit

For centuries, we have often found lights and plants in our homes, but they always exist separately. To survive indoors, plants need to rely on natural light from outside the Windows, and the amount and quality of the plants varies from plant species to individual indoor Spaces. However, in the modern indoor environment, natural light is not everywhere, and at the same time, modern artificial lighting technology has created possibilities for plant growth without any natural light.

"Viride" combines indoor lighting with decorative green plants, made up of three different models, each designed for a particular plant form. Each style comes with one or more LED panel lights and a color scheme for interior design. It is also very convenient to grow plants. In addition, in order to ensure that each plant receives the best light intensity, the LED light will periodically light up and close.

Containers rotate at a fairly slow speed to ensure that all plants receive the same amount of light.

LED panel lights and larger containers rotate at a fairly slow speed. This ensures that all parts of the plant receive the same amount of light. In addition, an ultrasonic air humidifier is equipped to increase the air humidity around the plant.

With three LED panel lights, plants can receive sunlight in different directions. In addition, after the lights are lit, the three LED panel lights will rotate at a low speed, simulating the sun movement seen from earth, from sunrise to sunset.

Viride, on the other hand, "uno" have a stationary LED panel light, its size is bigger, it is designed for those who need a little of the substrate to grow plants,  such as iron orchid genus, the plant also called epiphytes or air plant, the growth process doesn't need soil, need is water and nutrients from the air.

In order to ensure that each plant receives the best light intensity, the LED light will periodically light up and close.


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