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LED Lights And Energy-saving Lamps Are Different
Jun 30, 2017

LED lights and energy-saving lamps are different

With people living standard

Quality improvement, now every family with led lights, led lights and energy saving lamps are two different light sources, made a comparison of difference between side, you can refer to see, good lighting, suitable lighting design can bring different feeling. Using the characteristics of different light sources, we can create a more infectious space environment.

A few things to note: let's analyze them.

Friendship reminder:

1. Solid state packaging of led lights, which belong to the type of cold light source. So it's easy to transport and install, it can be installed in any micro and enclosed device, not afraid to vibrate, and basically don't have to think about heat dissipation.

2. In the process of production of energy-saving lamps, mercury pollution has been used in the production process of energy saving lamps. At present, the western countries attach great importance to mercury pollution. People in China are also becoming more aware of the dangers of mercury pollution. Led lamp environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances. The assembly parts of LED lights can be removed very easily and can be recycled by other people without the manufacturer's recycling.

3. Energy-saving lamps can be damaged easily and have short lifespans. Led lights live for more than 100,000 hours and can work at high speed. Energy saving lamps can be blackened quickly if they are frequently started or cut off.

4, the energy consumption of energy saving lamp is still too much. White leds use only one tenth of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs, and 1/4 of the energy saving lamps.

5. The led light has low color index, and the color shown in the led lamp is not real.

6. The power of single LED lights is low. In order to achieve the same brightness as energy-saving lamps, multiple parallel applications are required.

LED lighting technology is not as mature and perfect as energy-saving lamp technology.

At present, LED lamps are higher than energy-saving lamps, and as the market becomes more and more popular, the price of LED lamps will gradually decrease, eventually replacing the energy-saving lamps.