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LED Lights
Aug 14, 2017

LED lights

LED lights are the abbreviation LED for light-emitting diodes, a popular term.

LED light bead features:

1. Voltage: LED lamp bead USES low voltage power supply, the power supply voltage is between 2-4v, depending on the product, so it is driven by a higher voltage power supply; More secure power, especially for public places;

2. Current: the working current is at 0 -- 15mA, and the brightness is bright with the increase of current

3. Effectiveness: the energy consumed is 80% lower than that of incandescent bulbs.

4. Applicability: small, each unit LED small chip is 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into various shapes of devices, and suitable for changeable environment.

6. Response time: the response time of its incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of the LED lamp is nanosecond.

7. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury.

8. Color: change the current to change color, the light-emitting diode is convenient to use the chemical modification method, adjust the band structure and bandgap of the material, and realize the red and yellow green orange glow. If the small current is red LED, as the current increases, it can be turned orange, yellow and finally green.

Parameter description:

1, brightness

LED lights have different brightness and different prices.

Lamp ball: average brightness is 60-70lm; Bulb lamp: the general brightness is 80-90 lm.

1 w red light, brightness generally 30-40lm; 1W green light, generally 60-80lm; 1W yellow light, brightness generally 30-50 lm; 1 w blue light, brightness generally 20-30lm.

Note: 1W is 60-110lm. The maximum brightness of 3W can reach up to 240lm; 5w-300w is the integrated chip, encapsulated in string/in parallel, mainly to see how much current, voltage, a few strings.

LED lens: a lens is normally used as PMMA, PC, optical glass, silica gel (soft silica gel, hard silica gel) and other materials. The higher the Angle, the higher the light efficiency, the smaller Angle of the LED lens, the light will shoot far.

2, the wavelength

Same wavelength, same color. The price is high.

White light is a warm color (the color temperature is 2700-4000K), and white (55-6000k), cold white (more than 7000K), europeans prefer warm white.

Red light: band 600-680, of which 620,630 is mainly used for stage lights, and 690 is near infrared.

Blue light: 460,465 stage lights are used in 460,465.

Green light: band 500-580, of which 525,530 stage lights are used more.

3. Luminous Angle

Different leds have different lighting angles. Special luminescence Angle, high price.

4. Anti-static ability

The high cost of LED lamp, which is resistant to static electricity, is long. Leds are usually more resistant to static than 700V to be used for LED lighting.

5. Leakage current

LED lamp bead is one way conduction light body, if have opposite current, it is called leakage current, leakage current large LED lamp bead, life is short, price is low.