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LED Lighting Is Commonly Used Term Large Collection
Feb 28, 2017

In order to obtain good lighting lighting design, there must be reasonable, reasonable lighting design should comply with the applicable, safety, protect eyesight and economic requirements, and strive to get comfortable lighting environment.

Experiments show that normal yellow-green light of wavelength of 555 nm is most sensitive to the deviation the wavelength of 555 nm radiation, the less visibility.


In unit time, the light source into the surrounding space radiation can make the human eye to produce the energy of light (understand: can make sense of the human eye to produce light to visible light, so I think that also can be generally understood as a light into the surrounding space radiation of visible light energy).

When a wavelength of 555 nm yellow-green monochromatic light source, and if radiation power is 1 w, it issued a luminous flux is 680 lm. As a result, can draw a certain wavelengths of light flux calculation formula is as follows:

Φ lambda = 680 v (lambda) P lambda

Among them: Φ lambda - wavelength for lambda light flux (lm); P lambda - wavelength for lambda light radiation power (W); V (lambda) - the relative spectral luminous efficiency for lambda light wavelength.

The sum of polychromatic light flux for the monochromatic light flux.

Second, the luminous intensity:

Light source in a particular direction of radiation flux in unit solid Angle. I referred to as "light intensity, symbols, the unit is candela (CD).

An area of A solid Angle: sphere to form the Angle of its known as the solid Angle, expressed in omega, and

Omega = A/r2, unit solid Angle is the Sr (steradian). When A = r2 = 1 omega Sr so the whole ball face should be solid Angle of omega = 4 П r2 / r2 = 4 П (Sr).

Three, intensity of illumination:

According to the luminous flux per unit area to accept object called was facing illumination, symbols for E, units for the lx. Intensity of illumination can be represented as:

E = Φ/A

Type: E - is pictured on the intensity of illumination (lx); Φ - area on A luminous flux (lm); A - accept the area of the luminous flux.

When the light source diameter less than 1/5 of the distance from it to be exchanges, can turn the light source as a point source. Surface of illuminance E and point source in the direction of the light intensity I theta is proportional to, and it to the light source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance r, referred to as the inverse square law.

Illumination of the light is oblique incidence, exchanges with the light source in the direction of the light intensity I theta and is directly proportional to the cosine of the Angle theta, and it varies inversely to the distance of the light source.

Four, light shot degrees:

Surface light source sent a half space of luminous flux per unit area referred to as the light source the light of the shoot, symbols for M, unit for lm/m2, its calculation formula is: M = Φ/S, S for the surface of the area of the light source (m2).

Secondary luminescence light because of reflection on the surface of the light out shoot degrees for M = rho E type of reflection coefficient of the rho - be exchanges. Glowing quadratic surface as a result of transmission light out shoot degrees for M = tau tau - is pictured in the E type transmission coefficient.

Five, the brightness:

Light the luminous intensity on unit in the line of sight direction projection area, known as the luminous body surface brightness, L said to symbols, unit for CD/m2.

L theta equals theta I/a cosine theta, type L theta - lights along the direction of the surface brightness (CD/m2), I theta - lights along the direction of the luminous intensity (CD); A cosine theta - the light in the line of sight direction on the plane.

Six, brightness contrast C:

The ratio of the target background brightness and brightness of water in sight

Type: - target brightness; - background brightness.

Seven, general color rendering index Ra:

The daylight and artificial standard light source close to the sunlight general color rendering index for 100. To the same object, the metering source appeared under the irradiation of color and standard illuminant appeared under the light of the color of the consistent degree is higher, the greater the Ra, the better the performance of color; On the other hand, the color difference.

Eight, color temperature:

By black people when they are heated to a temperature different emitted color express the light color of a light source, called light source color temperature, color temperature in kelvin K said. Correlated color temperature is the light color with a certain temperature under perfect radiator chroma (black) is the most close to or the gap between the hours of radiation temperature.