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LED LCD TV LED Backlight Maintenance, Picture Is Truth
Mar 15, 2017

As time goes on, the LED LCD TV gradually occupied the television market. Compared with the previous LCD TV, LED LCD TV has more thin, high brightness, long life advantages, in the maintenance work even appeared the LCD backlight of liquid crystal TV, instead of the LED. But increase with the penetration of LED LCD TV, LED backlight damaged condition also increased accordingly, as a maintenance personnel if not keep up with the situation, it is difficult to adapt to the current maintenance work.

Due to the LED screen to tear open outfit is more complex, high risk, if the words is hard to clear narrative, so this article takes the form of the diagram. In order to save space, narrative only part of the maintenance and installation, disassembly parts and installation is the reverse, so here don't have to.


This TV fault phenomenon is audio black screen, backlight components are directly by the two wire inside, this two line voltage measurement is started there are more than one hundred v, so judging panel inside is a problem with the LED lights. Open screen box to see there are three rows of LED lights (as shown in figure 1, this is a plastic joke and three light bar, simple structure, without obvious bolt and burned under visual inspection.



Appearance can you see some glowing lamp cap, and under every little lamp cap has a LED tube (figure 2 and figure 3). Also reserved on article lamp LED tube test point, the author is to use a 5 v power supply to slowly measurements, the specific method is to give the LED lamp one by one with electricity, don't look at the bright, in order to save time, the author is a measuring two lights, see the light is good. So soon found the damaged bulb location, remove the lamp cap, because the LED light emitting diode is below the lamp cap, QuDeng hat article as long as gently twist the lamp can be taken, thus see the LED lights, tests to confirm again to avoid miscalculation. To confirm the broken leds removed in new, pay attention to this process is accomplished with air pressure gun, faster of firm, avoid bad welding components, then it is worth noting that you want to change the original model as far as possible, otherwise the possibility of burned again, this is because the different internal resistance partial pressure, considering we were battle-hardened teacher, about the principle of partial pressure, it is no longer bothersome.


Changed into good lamp bead and power switched on, the result is quite successful, but don't rush to the next step, this is mainly in order to confirm the new change of lights, if you have any questions, so need more electricity for a period of time, to monitor the temperature of the new pipe, measure the new change of the LED voltage at the same time, and makes comparison and the original machine, of course best. Final confirmation of brightness, temperature, voltage, and the original machine lamp bead (figure 4).


Stick reflective paper back next (figure 5), due to the screen, the photograph as possible, lest appear deviation. And reflective paper hole and LED lamp cap matters to cooperate, so that light has the highest utilization rate.


There are two plastic filter holder, don't forget to (figure 6).


The next step to install filters, it consists of three layers (figure 7), due to remove the pictures, not confuse sequencing, so when installation is easy, the wrong don't.


Next installation of layering, filter plate which is installed on the outside of the filter plate, no screws, is card buckle, fixed filter plate. Installed, now send again confirm, light boxes light can't see the LED lamp bead, is a light in the face of bad (figure 8).


Next to the most critical is the riskiest moment, to install the screen. Screen is very thin, but also the integration of logic and screen plate, this is the place where the television is the most fragile, accidentally can cause the television completely destroyed. Put away the screen position combined with frame, frame is card buckle, card well fixed good screen, pay attention to not sure don't jammed, each to this step, the author will concentrate, because this step can't appear any problems. Flipped the TV installation logic board, it has four screws, for fear of error, when removing logic board has put the screws back in situ, logic board next to the fixed plate is installed (figure 9), so this time very well.


Even on an LVDS line between logic board and main board, set up remote control receiving head, back cover, mounts, etc. Power switch on, connected to the video signal, TV back to normal