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LED Lamp Is The Real Energy-saving Lamps!
Mar 09, 2017

The past when we use the incandescent light bulb is only know how many watt light bulb, the bigger the wattage is more bright. That's right. However a lamp wattage is actually represents how much electricity it consumes, it doesn't mean how much light. The problem with the appearance of the different types of lamps and lanterns is becoming more and more important.

Fluorescent lamp creates a problem, the first to use the fluorescent lamp is usually called fluorescent lamp. But the most common fluorescent lamp T8 tubes is only 1.2 m. So you don't know how many watts, it consumes only know than regular incandescent lamp to save electricity, actually this kind of the most common fluorescent lamp power also depends on what kind of ballast. Lamp itself is 36 watts, if domestic inductance ballasts, normally plus 10 w power consumption, so the whole lamp power consumption is 46. General users may be don't know.

"Energy-saving lamps" again after the new situation, in fact, the so-called energy-saving lamps but fine fluorescent lamp is a kind of bent, energy-saving lamps, as it is called just to use the new word "energy" to beautify it. The most commonly used energy-saving lamps is 8 w, its brightness is equivalent to 40-watt incandescent lamp. But the biggest drawback energy-saving lamps is mercury, each can only 180 tons of water and soil pollution.

LED is a kind of do not contain mercury, light efficiency is much higher than the "energy-saving lamps" lamps and lanterns, it is the real energy-saving lamps. So, today we are going to talk about LED lights.

LED bulb light

Leds are the real energy-saving lamps, will inevitably become the mainstream of lighting products. And it has appeared the lamps and lanterns of various shapes, including can replace incandescent bulb lamp, LED bulb to replace fluorescent lamp, and LED to absorb dome light, LED tube light, LED PAR lamps and so on.

In order to saving energy, all countries determine the term of banning the production and sales of incandescent lamp.

Australia: 2010

In 2012, Taiwan, Canada, European Union:

South Korea: 2013

In 2012, Japan: (high)

The United States: 2014 ban

: China 2016 ban, in 2014.10.1 banned import and sales of more than 60 w incandescent lamp

It is estimated that in 2014 due to the United States and other nations banned incandescent lamp, global LED ball steep light demand growth of 86%. So we will focus on LED bulb light is used to replace incandescent lamp.

To users are easy to accept, LED ball steep light specially made similar to the shape and size in incandescent lamp, lamp holder is exactly the same, in order to replace. And the current domestic large wattage consumed using LED as its main indicators. This formed a big loophole, some low ball bubble lamp, lighting hit $1 per watt, while slightly better ball steep light hit $2 per watt. This is a very unscientific performance indicators.

Because some low ball bubble lamp, lighting consumes large power but not sent out a large flux, but also boasts large wattage, sounds like a good light bulb, in fact is a manufactured product. The right indicators should be its luminous efficiency. This is this article will discuss the questions very carefully.


LED the luminous efficiency

The luminous efficiency of the unit is the number of lumens per watt, expressed in lm/W, lumen is the unit of luminous flux. The average person may not understand what is the luminous flux. As long as we put out different wattage incandescent lamp lumens series can know.


So as long as the LED ball steep light emitted by the number of lumens and some kind of incandescent lamp lumens count, then the ball bubble lamp can replace the incandescent light bulb. This is the most easy to accept a way people. So now the United States, Japan, the ball bubble lamp box on how many watts are marked with a lot of word can replace the incandescent lamp, this figure has also used W as a unit, but it is not the LED of wattage, but can replace the incandescent lamp wattage, but ordinary people a look will understand (see image below of the Cree company the ball bubble lamp box, of which 100 W is the alternative to incandescent lamp wattage, rather than the wattage LED).


However it cannot be used as a quality indicator of LED bulb light. Because in order to get the number of lumens LED ball steep light consumed the wattage is different, it depends on the LED lighting. Although, LED high photosynthetic efficiency of different periods (produce) is in a certain range, but because of each manufacturer's technology is different, its photosynthetic efficiency is also a big difference.

So is the most important quality index, the LED lighting is also the most important indicator of all sorts of lamps and lanterns. Because whatever the lamps and lanterns, they are to convert electrical energy into light energy. And its electro-optic conversion efficiency is the smooth effect. Consume the same power, the luminous flux emitted by the bigger the better, of course. So luminous efficiency is one of the most important quality indicators.