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LED Lamp Is Energy-saving Lamps | Is That True?
Mar 07, 2017

What is the LED lights

Led lights, is a kind of light emitting diode. The light emitting diode is a kind of can into solid state power semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into light. It is worth noting that the large range of Led lighting projection and no stroboscopic, don't hurt eyes. Power is very strong, also the brightness of the 15 w is equivalent to ordinary 40 w fluorescent lamp, which are very save electricity, and is very convenient.

What is the energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving light, it is our normal life of the bulb. Probably around 1970, philips, energy-saving lamp, was born in the Netherlands. At the time, this is for philips, a major breakthrough. Energy-saving lamps upside is lamp holder, is at the bottom of the tube structure. This kind of interface and incandescent lamp interface, can be directly installed in the incandescent lamp holder. It is easy to find in the market, the energy-saving lamp tube with spiral tube and u-shaped tube.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of led lamp and energy-saving lamp?

Led lights have no harmful metals, so use the broken lamp is easy to recycle, environmental pollution is small, environmentally friendly; The light is very durable, long service life; Led by these three colors red, green and blue color mixture out of the seven color, mix the color is very colorful, color is also very pure. Led lights, of course, also has its drawbacks, which is the price is high, at present the use of its relatively small population, using range is relatively small.

The concept of modern people for environmental protection is more and more attention, and legs have the advantage of more environmental protection and energy saving, lamps and lanterns believe development prospects will be better and better!