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LED Lamp Filament Shuffle, In 2017 The Last Chance?

On March 8, the Hong Kong polytechnic university announced the development of the market the most energy saving LED lamp filament, cause the extensive concern of industry of filament lamp. According to the relevant authorities of incomplete statistics, as early as last year, LED a filament lamp proudly with market by more than 100% year-on-year growth, become a item for LED products for the whole star. In February this year, LED a filament lamp is still the continuation of the last year's strong performance, LED LED low-priced new tide of European and American markets. In spite of this, the industry pointed out that, LED lamp filament market reshuffle, will this year into LED lamp filament products factory is the last chance.

The Hong Kong polytechnic university successfully develop the power-saving LED filament lamp

It is reported that the Hong Kong polytechnic university with new nano machining technology, the successful research and development on the market the most energy saving LED filament lamp, luminous efficiency of conventional leds 1.5 times, the price and the cost half as much as that of the traditional LED lamp filament lamp electricity bills and carbon emissions more than a year of less than half of the traditional affair electric bravery, expected this year in the production and market.

State key laboratory of polyu ultra-precision machining technology, and technology research and development, polyu graduates Zhao Chongzhi department of industrial and systems engineering, the development of filament on the market at present the most energy saving LED technology. "New technology due to my graduation thesis, first conceived paper topics, hope to combine the advantages of all kinds of electric light, the development of a new lamp, including the time of graduation thesis, spent two and a half years of time. To apply for a patent for this product is very happy."

Zhao Chongzhi said, the product the total development cost about $300000, 2015 "polyu micro fund" set aside one hundred thousand yuan, the balance by laboratory support, is now with four or five companies to discuss cooperation, this year is expected to produce and launch market.

LED lamp filament, he says, is more than the power LED chips, instead of single high power LED chips, reduce the loss of the current light distribution more uniform, retainer materials chip, also from ceramics to better heat dissipation, low cost, strong luminosity of aluminum, its luminous efficiency of 129 lumens per watt (lm/W), about the traditional LED lamp and affair lighting, respectively 1.5 times and 2 times, ultraviolet ray is one over ten of the traditional affair electric bravery.

Ultra-precision machining technology, deputy director of state key laboratory of Du Xue said, because the LED filament lamp shall not be obliged to use variable pressure parts, directly by the alternating current into low voltage direct current (dc), reduce parts, luminous efficiency promoted, so the light bulb the retail price and cost RMB 45, respectively, and 20 yuan, about half of the traditional LED lamp, filament lamp of electricity bills and carbon emissions a year, and 22 kgco2e 33 yuan, respectively, less than traditional affair less than half of the lighting.

According to the latest price set consulting LED research center according to the report, in February 2017, the global LED bulb prices continue to fall, replace 40-watt incandescent lamp LED bulbs retail price fell 0.6%, to $6.8. Instead of 60 watt incandescent lamp LED bulbs retail price fell 2.1%, to $8.2.

Yu Bin said that because of the characteristic of the filament lamps and lanterns of high photosynthetic efficiency, under the same luminous flux, low power, price is lower than the market average price, therefore listed in Europe and the low price product in February, the manufacturer actively promote filament. Four versions, such as philips launched in February for filament lamps.

At Peking University, Shanghai microelectronics institute adjunct professor yan shigemitsu pointed out that LED filament light starting from the date of birth will grow in constant technical innovation, expansion in the constantly improve the automation of production process equipment. Now both filament and drive power supply chip technology are in urgent need of a revolutionary innovation! LED lamp filament are marching to the automated production of high-speed! Welcome to the world market LED filament light! LED the filament lamp to meet 2017 chaoyang will tear! All LED lamp filament practitioners must keep pace with The Times! Advance to follow the trend of technology innovation.

2017: LED a filament lamp corner overtaking the last year?

Although LED lamp filament is strong in 2017, but LEDinside guest author Wang Pengzai the end 2017, LED a filament lamp a bend, the article pointed out that "2017 will be the last a bend in the field of filament lamp. A rough estimate, filament lamp only about 250 million total in 2016, what is this concept? Said relative to the growth of the market has more than doubled in 2015, said the market almost have the ability to rapidly rising dividends assigned to each industry participants; the total size relative to the ball bubble, filament lamp still account for less than 10% of the share; said industry largely into the main causeway, expressed as a filament lamp enterprise boss, you should ask other LED industry brothers to eat a meal, because your day is much more comfortable than others."

in his opinion, when time goes into 2017 years later, the market will further change. Market capacity will continue to have a chance to multiply, in 2016 into the international brand of filament lamp will necessarily seek to further expand market capacity; the brand failed to enter, most will give up, to take off the shoes to the water in a year. Under the effect of this kind of demand, the market multiplication little suspense. So in 2017 the filament lamp total capacity will be 4-500 million."

"For many filament lamp products factory, whether to have the opportunity to cut the cake?" He thinks not. "Markets tend to be cold-blooded, the higher the capacity, the greater the concentration is an unchangeable truth. Lao wang has experienced from 2011 to 2013, shenzhen ball bubble factory bloodbath of historical stages, when the LED ball bubble is a wide range of alternative energy saving lamps, at the same time, the national people's joy brought rapid, east China and fujian companies prices plummeting. So many ball steep light small factory in shenzhen of corpses, the blood become river. History is similar, while the total capacity of more than 500 million each year, the filament lamp will repeat the story, when the scale management advantages of enterprises will directly crush small factory, the consequences than today's fiercely contested."

he predicts, "if the market capacity exceeding 500 million in 2018, only a few oligarchs will then have an incentive to reshuffle, small scale management of small factory is facing out. So in 2017, is a filament lamp corner overtaking last year."

At the end of the article, he also advised companies: "if your design ability is better, if your customer service some cattle, if your cost control better, so please hold this year's time to get this advantage reinforcement, quickly enter the mainstream of scale is the scale of production management. Once the filament lamp market enters the real main road, all the above advantages will be Shared by industry leaders, I hope everyone can become a member of the big companies."