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LED Industry Ushered In A New Wave Of Capital, The Industry Has Shown A Clear Recovery Phenomenon
Nov 03, 2017

LED industry ushered in a new wave of capital, the industry has shown a clear recovery phenomenon

According to relevant financial media reports, in the first quarter of 2017, there was a clear recovery in the lighting industry. Professionals are cautiously optimistic about the current development. Well, the most intuitive features, manifested in the full production line and product prices. In terms of data, both official and fiscal new manufacturing PMI rose in February.

In January and February, official and Caixin Manufacturing PMI both picked up

Data show that China's official manufacturing PMI in February was 51.6, expected 51.2, before the value of 51.3, non-manufacturing PMI dropped to 54.2, the previous value of 54.6.2 Caixin manufacturing PMI 51.7, before the value of 51. All better than market expectations.

February survey data show that China's manufacturing output to further growth, the chain growth rate increased, but overall only mild, lower than the fourth quarter of 2016 each month. Output expansion was driven by further growth in new business volume, which was partly due to the strong increase in newboundbound traffic, setting the highest record since September 2014.

Labor employment in February continued to contract, extending the consistent trend since November 2013. However, contractions in February were the weakest in two years. New orders increased and contracted labor, resulting in a slight increase in backlog.

The average monthly input costs rose sharply, but the increase has slowed to 4 months to reflect the most manufacturers, raw material prices is the main reason for rising input costs. In order to protect the profit margins, the corresponding manufacturers continue to increase product prices within the month, the rate of increase is considerable.

In February, the industry was optimistic about the business prospects for the coming year. The optimism hit a 21-month high. Manufacturers generally expressed their confidence that new product development and market conditions will improve.

2, the listed company's operating profit in 2016 is considerable

In early March 2017, the listing announcements of various listed lighting lighting enterprises were released one after another. Among the nearly 19 listed companies generally concerned by the industry, in addition to the year-on-year decline of BDO and Qinshun Optoelectronics, the other 17 listed companies in 2016 Of the operating profit showed a good rise, the lowest increase of 3%, the highest at 116%.

The average earnings per share of 19 listed companies in 2016 were 0.536 yuan / share, up by 114.44% from the previous year's 0.23 yuan / share. One of the most obvious earnings per share growth company Foshan Lighting, earnings per share increased 1923% over the previous year.

From the above data we can see that in 2016 the mainstream of the industry's listed companies operating income, net profit, earnings per share have a substantial rise, and from the list of listed companies, the main reason for the performance increase is LED chips Product prices in good shape, while small spacing LED ushered in the market caused by the eruption.

3, the industry ushered in a new wave of capital

At the beginning of 2017, the success of Top Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora and Mitsuhiro Electronics has attracted the attention of the public. The capital market has entered the lighting industry, injecting more resources into the industry and contributing to the further development of lighting technology. China lighting industry in the international market visibility.

Moreover, the reverse trend of listed companies operating income rose, but also from a certain level of feedback on the market warmer phenomenon. In addition, China Lighting Association recently released in 2016 China lighting lighting products sales of 5600 billion yuan, a new record high, but also from the data for the 2017 opening year set a good tone.

4, the industry is full of production trends

As LED packaging leader, Mu Linsen current capacity has more than 42000kk / month, and the successful acquisition of Long Wansi Stride to open up overseas markets can be expected since last year, investment and M & A and other capital operations involving an amount of 13.4 billion yuan, while in the areas of lighting, chips, etc. Investment heavily in the layout.

Guosinjiao small spacing lamp beads quality process industry leader, small pitch production capacity has reached 1200kk / month, is expected by the end of 2017 reached 2000kk / month. The company is one of the leading domestic packaging companies to benefit from the trend of LED industry warming, small spacing lamp beads outbreak, with rapid growth capability.

According to the 2016 annual report released by Australia-based Shunchang, the LED production line of the Company basically maintained full operation during the reporting period. The annual chip production reached 2.05 million pieces of 2-inch chips. The performance, quality and yield of the products good.

Recently, Hua Can Optoelectronics held its annual shareholders' general meeting. Liu Rong, the president of the company, said: "We are now full. As far as I know, major manufacturers in the industry are now full. In the short term, there is a certain shortage of supply. Demand is expected to rise, the entire second quarter and the third quarter is expected to supply and demand situation will be more nervous. "In the first quarter of 2017, Hua Can Optoelectronics is expected to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of about 76 million yuan -8100 million, a year earlier A loss of 13.9 million yuan.

The price of Sanken S-30MB / S-32BB series chips, the chip industry leader, has been raised 8% since Jan. 10, marking the end of the reshuffle of the LED industry chain as a whole. The industry has entered a stable revenue era from the era of excessive competition. At present, Sanan Optoelectronics already has about 290 sets of MOCVD equipment, in full production with full sales status.

The application of LED products is still further penetrated and expanded. General lighting, small pitch displays, automobiles and other fields are expected to continue to maintain high growth, optical communications, Micro-LED as a new application areas will open up new demand for space, integrated circuit chips Business is still steadily advancing. As production capacity tightens, it is expected that the Company will continue to launch new capacity in 2017.

5, the demand for raw materials to finished products generally have price increases

At present, the lamps and lanterns products of all major lighting markets all have different price increases, of which the lowest is 3.5% and the highest is 20.7%. Terminal market prices, which shows that the market is gradually rational, began a reasonable demand for profits and standardized development requirements.

According to the relevant financial media reports, in the first quarter of 2017, there was a clear recovery in the LED industry. Professionals are cautiously optimistic about the current development. Well, the most intuitive features, manifested in the full production line and product prices. Major manufacturers are in full production state, there is a certain short supply in short supply, the industry chain is also generally the demand for price increases. The industry is expected throughout the second quarter and third quarter, supply and demand situation will be more nervous.

After several years of industry reshuffle, the industry is now gradually rational and standardized development. We expect the market will give us more opportunities in 2017.