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LED Industry In China Will Be Over 500 Billion In 2017
Jul 12, 2017

LED industry in China will be over 500 billion in 2017

Because the LED has energy saving, environmental protection, show a good, long service life, widely application, etc, although in the early market cultivating higher prices compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, but the government through policy support, all kinds of municipal engineering lighting project support industry development, from the long-term trend, LED to replace incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp into the mainstream lighting products is the inevitable trend.

China LED industry sales revenue in 2013-2017 annual growth will remain above 10%, industry sales revenue is expected to reach 515.996 billion yuan in 2017.

LED enterprises rapid increase in the number of small and scattered, quietly industry reshuffle recombination is expected to reshuffle rate above 25%

Considerable size of the market and prospect in recent years has attracted a large number of enterprises into the LED market. By the end of 2011, the number of LED industry chain downstream around 4000, middle reaches 1200, plus material equipment upstream enterprises, LED the country there were at least more than 6000 enterprises.

Based on forward-looking industry research institute, according to data from the database to detect leds in 2012 in China (sales income is 20 million yuan of above) enterprises above designated size only 621. In recent years, LED the number is growing very quickly in our country, but more than 90% for small and medium-sized enterprises, is in a state of "small and scattered". In recent years, a lot of hot money inflow, make the industry an unprecedented prosperity, but also hidden excess risk. Through shuffling rectification order calls for the industry development has been very high. In fact, the industry reshuffle restructuring is also quietly, since 2011 has been the LED business failures, forward-looking industry reshuffle probability think the future will reach 25 to 30% or more.

Homogenized competition caused by price war plumes, accelerate the construction of brand is imminent

Universal's problem is also the most profitable industry upstream epitaxial wafer and chip high threshold is relatively high due to technical requirements, into the enterprise is far less than the middle reaches of LED packaging and downstream enterprises in the field of LED applications. The 2013-2018 China LED industry market foresight and investment strategy analysis report, according to the current domestic more than 1200 LED packaging companies, and the launch of the enterprise all kinds of LED application number less than 550 new products; LED street light more than 300 enterprises, products are basic in the stage of copy imitate each other.

Homogenized competition caused by price war plumes, lack of sexual benchmarking brand, enterprise scale is difficult to grow, industry lacks credibility. Therefore, cultivating leading enterprises, accelerate the construction of independent brands has become the LED industry is imminent task.

Foreign companies gain ground, local companies need to provide technical level build patent defense system

LED research and development in our country the lack of technical level is not only difficult to get a smile curve of high value area profits, will face the foreign capital enterprise gain ground, even to grab market share. Patent technology is the world's major LED companies to gain a competitive advantage and maintain market share. Domestic LED patent technology is not perfect, the upstream patent most master by foreign manufacturers, technology, high-end chip by more than 80% from abroad or in Taiwan, companies cannot extend to high profits in the sector. Because of the lack of the original rational patent, the product is patent blockade, export restriction. Even in focus on the downstream of encapsulation and application field of more than 80% enterprises in our country is at a low level.

With research and development of advanced technology and good brand image of the international LED enterprises has great competitive advantage. Osram early built shell packaging plant in wuxi; Established in chengdu philips philips professional lighting demonstration garden; GE in north-west China established the first customer collaborative innovation center, etc. At the 2013 guangzhou international LED lighting fair, also there are many belong to the world top 500 enterprises and in the field of LED lighting leading enterprises. LED domestic enterprises need to further improve product technology, and build their own patent defense system.