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LED Headlamps And Xenon Headlamps Exactly Which Good?
Feb 17, 2017

Going through auto parts city owners know, generally people come here not maintenance is converted to upgrade. In modified to upgrade the level, modified lighting can account for more than 8 into the owners, either the original halogen lamp change xenon lamp, or upgrade the original xenon lamp lens.

We know that, besides the xenon headlights, LED headlight is the mainstream, what's the difference between the two?

The xenon headlamps

The high pressure gas discharge lamp. Xenon headlamps is heavy metal lamp, passing the crystal stones in the uv glass tube filled with a variety of chemicals, such as xenon inert gas, and then through the supercharger will car 12 v power supply instantly rose to 23000 v, under the high voltage, xenon will be ionized and in the power between two poles produce light source.

The LED lamps

The light emitting diode. Its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip, with silver or white adhesive curing on the scaffold, and then use silver or gold wire connection chip and circuit board, and then sealed with epoxy resin around, protect the internal core, final installation of the shell, therefore, LED lights good seismic performance.

The difference between the xenon lamp and LED lamp

Shape, leds as car lamp is one of the most significant feature is actually by number, small size, high brightness, lamp combination and become, generally are combined into a certain shape, such as a light line or is a vast area of the whole area. And xenon headlamps as car lamp in which tend to be relatively independent individual, of course there is also a part of the model is used in the bi-xenon headlamps.

Lamp, of course, the most important still is light, if you compare the two lamp brightness, is certainly leds have the advantage in terms of luminous efficiency. But the LED lamp brightness, enough lighting distance is relatively limited compared with xenon headlamps, generally less than 10 meters. And xenon headlamps is fairly light, only slightly less and LED headlights, specific lighting distance, though not statistics, but it is far more than the traditional LED lamps.

Secondly, in terms of energy saving in using the same power LED lamp and xenon headlamps, LED luminous efficiency higher, while the ability to withstand high temperature is a bit weak, concentrating effect also slightly worse than xenon headlamps. LED itself more energy does, indeed, no doubt, the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection is characteristic of LED lights.

So your car is halogen headlights, LED, or hernia?

Like small volume and energy saving the owner can choose LED, like the overall shape and bright cjay consider xenon headlamp. But how to choose, in fact have to according to the specific configuration of the models and the requirements of the individual.