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LED Future, Can Become The Center Of The Stage
Nov 02, 2017

LED future, can become the center of the stage

Held in Taipei's Southport Exhibition Hall, with the previous year is significantly different from the three less: booth less, less people, buy less, the exhibition's popularity not only reflects the industry's prosperity and rise and fall, but also a symbol of the host area The power of the enterprise to dominate the market.

Looking back, "lighting" and "backlight" two groups of keywords, decided to LED industry more than 20 years of ups and downs.

Display the initial output value of the cradle of LED output value, in 2000 to 2010 ten years, LCD backlighting demand led LED production value of high-speed growth, several times have the electronics industry star halo, and then backlit saturation, lighting continues the market momentum, while the mainland LED Plant drained eleven five trains began to stand, relying on government subsidies and tax rates to play a price war, within a few years to Fangxing not solid state lighting killed into a sea of blood, low-cost, but rapid growth of lighting Market, became the table of bright and beautiful poisonous apples, when the other staple food has been exhausted, some people began farming, and could not help but snatch, and gradually paid the price of food poisoning.

LED topic has been decoupled with the display?

For LED chips and packaging plants, the keywords in recent years must be inseparable from the "car" and "invisible light". LEDTaiwan exhibition, in addition to Dongbei and wood forest of course to the lighting products as the main axis, the remaining three upstream manufacturers: Lite-On, crystal, light are around the two emerging markets around the exhibition in the paid forum more directly to uv / IR as the theme, LED new trend tone has been clear, obviously, want to discuss the display of fewer and fewer people, at least, no one has discussed the backlight.

Does this mean that the LED has started to "display"? To LEDTaiwan2017 trend of the conclusion, perhaps some anxious, because there are two eye-catching keywords, quietly missed the event, that is, "small pitch" and "MicroLED". Both are miniaturized, one representative is now, one represents the future.

Small spacing with MicroLED this is the name of two different concepts, small spacing is a commercial display, 3-in-1 package LED size between about 500μm ~ 2500μm, the use of traditional SMT technology to capture the PCB board; MicroLED is the beginning (Such as: LTPS / CMOS), if the panel industry Point of view, in fact, MicroLED can also be understood as inorganic (inorganic) version of the OLED.

However, in the Pitch continued to shrink, to the encapsulated solution appears (COB-type small spacing), MassTransfer into the concept of small spacing after another, small spacing and MicroLED boundaries began to blur.In any case, the small pitch and Micro are the real symbol of "LEDDisplay", chipsize and pitch miniature, also narrowed the original camp is different from the commercial and consumer electronics supply chain, gave birth to a new manufacturing model and a different application field The.