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LED Energy-saving Lamps Are Put Into Use In High-tech Zone Enterprises
Jun 21, 2017

LED energy-saving lamps are put into use in high-tech zone enterprises

In recent days, the high-tech zone utilities administration began to upgrade the road lighting of rare earth high and new rare earth street and happiness south street lamps. The renovation is to replace traditional high-voltage sodium lamps with the high efficiency and long-lived LED lights of the redwood technology subsidiary, baotou city peng liguang.

The renovation of the road lighting energy efficiency upgrade totaled 719. Among them, the happiness south road (alatan avenue to friendship street) transformed 328 street lamps, and 391 street lamps were transformed from the main street (Aladdin avenue to jianhua road). The plan is to replace the 250 W high voltage sodium lamp with 120 w LED lights. The auxiliary road 60w LED lamp replaces the original 150 w high voltage sodium lamp. And happiness so far, has completed the rare earth street south road sections of road lighting energy-saving upgrade, after the reform of the LED street lamp are all put into use, energy saving about 40% - 50%, achieved significant effect.