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LED Display Industry Development Situation Is Good Didn't See These Crises Screen Companies Will Still Complacent!
Mar 06, 2017

After 2016 years of ups and downs, the LED industry development presented the new development trend, the LED chip is in short supply, the upstream expansion has LED chip leading enterprises increase busy; Middle reaches of LED packaging production capacity rising, from semi-automatic to automate steering trend is obvious; Downstream of the LED display market prospect, with an average annual growth rate will exceed 20%, China will become the world's LED display is the most important production base. In the whole big ways, LED industry trend is very optimistic, LED display industry development is also good.

However, in the manufacturing industry, LED display companies still has a lot of enduring problems, these problems have caused by manufacturing itself, and some are long existing in enterprises management. However, these problems are deeply troubling LED display the development of the enterprise, if you can't understand the crisis, LED display companies even have good situation, the development of the industry also will continue to become sclerotic and directionless-the fiefs, miss enterprise development opportunities. So, what are the LED display enterprise current crisis?


Rising labor costs automated production can't  keep up

Previously, the "made in China" may be used to be synonymous with cheap products, through the advantage of low labor costs to shore up its "world factory" status, however, with rapid development in recent years, the domestic economy, China has gradually subversion to the people of the world is shaped by "cheap" impression.

Research institutions euromonitor international, according to data of Chinese manufacturing wages tripled in 10 years, the average hourly wage of $3.6, which is about 24.7 yuan, more than countries such as Brazil and Mexico, the weaker euro zone countries by 70%, and is fast to catch up with Greece and Portugal. In fact, China's current hourly workers, are already clear of except Chile all Latin American countries.

It is for the "made in China" higher wages, the domestic people's living standards have been greatly improved. However, that there is in labor costs to than global manufacturing in terms of China's manufacturing industry is a huge disaster, and rising labor costs is LED display manufacturers must be positive response to the problem.

As is known to all, in the case of rising labor costs, many manufacturers began to increase the hardware investment, improve factory automation to reduce labor cost, LED display companies in recent years also pays attention to enterprise automation hardware investment and the introduction of production equipment, many LED display production workshop only need machine operation workers, greatly reduces the labor costs. But have to point out that many Chinese LED display industry small and medium-sized enterprises, between the capital and the restriction of enterprise strength, many factories can't realize automation production, also it is difficult to realize the transformation and development.