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LED Display Enter The Field Of Uav!
Jul 24, 2017

LED display enter the field of uav!

Japan telecom company NTT DoCoMo has developed the world's first spherical drone, according to the company. It has a diameter of about 88 centimeters (about 34.5 inches) and the entire installed drone weighs just 3.4 kilograms.

Different types of drones can be seen in a variety of media reports, and the impact of the drone is on the shape -- the external LED strips from the top to the bottom. The LED display "protects" drones, and this is really a perfect score!

The interior of the drone is a spherical frame, and the exterior is covered from top to bottom by eight curved LED strips. The LED display has a resolution of 144 136, with a two-arm drone protruding from the bottom. During the flight, the LED frame rotates on its axis with its rapid horizontal motion, forming a residual image effect to create the illusion of solid ball with a stationary LED.

One might ask: doesn't the display interfere with the airflow of a drone propeller? It won't slow down the drone's operation (after all, the display will increase the weight)? The drone is designed to be a hollow display that allows air to pass through the screen and is not enough to affect the normal operation of the drone.

As the LED industry, see much variety of solid loading LED display, before that, the definition of the so-called "mobile LED display" is with the aid of a tool for the mobile landing, such as automotive panel. It's impossible to imagine an LED screen moving away from the gravity of the earth's gravity. So, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) is a fulcrum, however, if one day, can pass the technical means to hollow LED display become thinner, does that mean that any can "fly" in the area of the sky and can remote control objects, can become LED display platform "heaven". At this level, LED displays use drones to give full play to its advantages, giving LED screens unlimited possibilities.

Though the industry of LED display + said the combination of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but the public for their cooperation degree is still many questions, "the world's first spherical unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)" will be just a concept product, whether can really put on the play a role in the market?

It has been revealed that DoCoMo plans to commercialize the product in two years' time in entertainment. For example, put it in concert halls, arena and other venues, participate in performing, and display advertising information and activity information. In this way, the drone is used as a "mobile LED screen".


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