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LED Display Companies Are Accelerating The Expansion Of Overseas Markets
Jun 21, 2017

LED display companies are accelerating the expansion of overseas markets

April monthly report according to the latest export LED display, LED display in China's export market size as much as $141 million, a one-month highs, continuing a good momentum in the first quarter, showing a steady rise in overseas market demand.

The personage inside course of study points out, the LED display industry demand, small spacing but mainland many LED display manufacturers, product homogeneity serious, falling prices, LED display decline in corporate profits. LED makers are accelerating the expansion of overseas markets in search of profit.

Overseas demand growth

The data showed that the export market for LED screens in April was $141m, up 29.5 per cent from a year earlier, with a 27.2 per cent rise in the previous month and a steady increase in overseas demand.

In the first quarter of this year, LED display exports continued to rise from a year earlier, with an export value of $287 million. All the big LED display makers have done well in overseas markets. In this case, the leading enterprise state science and technology was able to export $12 million in the quarter, up 59.7 percent year on year. In addition, liyad, lianjian, and lehman have all achieved different levels of growth.

The expansion of overseas markets boosted the company's first-quarter results. In addition to abissen, the LED small space screen makers have seen significant growth in the first quarter. According to the announcement, China's technology reached 541 million yuan in the first quarter, up 101.29% from a year earlier. Net income of the parent company's shareholders was 496.88 million yuan, up 146.42 percent year on year. Among them, overseas sales revenue increased by 32.15 to 130 million yuan from a year earlier. The company said it expects sales and net profit to remain relatively fast in the first half of the year as the new products and overseas layout begin.

In the first quarter of this year, the company posted revenue of 11.28 billion yuan, a net profit of 173 million yuan, up 114.7 percent year on year. Among them, the LED is 689 million yuan, or 61.1 percent of the total revenue. The company has aggressively expanded its overseas markets through its wholly owned subsidiary, the American pinda, to penetrate the north American and European markets.

Mr Abissen's overseas markets also performed well. In the first quarter of this year, the company's overseas market was newly signed with a total of 288 million yuan, with a domestic new signing of 0.49 billion yuan. In the first quarter, the company reported revenue of 197 million yuan, down 10.6% year on year. Net profit was 12.39 million yuan, down 47.7 percent year on year. For the main reason for the decline, the company said it was expecting a number of new products in the fourth quarter of 2016, while the contract was not expected during the period of the new and old products.

Consolidation is expected to intensify

The second quarter is usually the peak season for display applications. From the export value of exports, China's technology topped the list, with exports of $17.63 million in April, a sharp jump from the rest of the industry. Mr. Abissen and the associated points followed closely behind, with exports of $12.273,000 and $923,000 respectively.

It is worth noting that the growth of LED display is concentrated in large screen display products such as stylistics, advertising media and high-end exhibition display applications. Industry insiders point out that the penetration of overseas markets will accelerate further as the price of smaller space products falls further.

The increased use of LED small spacing displays also stimulates demand for LED display products. In addition to government, military, public security and radio and television, high-end retail stores, conference rooms, public places (subways, airports) and other areas are gradually becoming more and more advanced.

Mr D cloud network LED industry, chief analyst at Li Chen thinks, because of the cost of the LED display, as well as to screen splicing in the field of rapid infiltration, exports over the next three months will stabilize, on the premise of exchange rate stability, export unit price will be declined.

However, analysts point out that there are broad prospects for LED display applications, but there are many problems such as low concentration of industry, fragmented market share and fierce competition for low-end products. In the face of the new situation in the industry, large enterprises will focus on the core business and will open a new wave of mergers and acquisitions and diversify their layout. According to incomplete statistics, in the first quarter of this year, there were more than 10 mergers and acquisitions transactions between LED companies and more than 4.8 billion yuan in transactions.