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LED Component
Jun 28, 2017

LED component

LED chips are important: good LED chips, high luminous efficiency, low temperature rise, high color index, high temperature and anti-static.

Heat dissipation is very important: if is insisting that LED cold light source, do not need to heat dissipation, it is totally wrong, in haven't developed the real low fever before the LED chip, LED without high quality heat sink, it may also be the life of a far less than the current common energy-saving lamps. Because of the initial light flux 70% of the time, it is already marked that LED energy-saving lamps will die.

If power supply is very important: the handle high temperature and high humidity, whether she had high pressure safety (UL), whether she had the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI), also is all some hard Numbers, also determines the real life of the LED energy-saving lamps, wooden barrel effect, the power supply is likely to be LED energy-saving lamps.

Chimney is very key: chimney is LED energy-saving lamp second match light, current, have no chimney, have transparent lampshade, have frosted lamp cover, have milky white lamp cover, have light diffused chimney several.

Do not add lampshade and transparent lamp cover, do not have second match light, can see LED, multi-led is the multi-light source, look directly at the glare, and the object is irradiated.

The frosted lamp shade is lighted to see the LED light source, and the object is partially false.

The milky white lampshade is lit up to see no LED light but low transmittance.

Spread widely used high quality LED bulbs, light material, arrived at chimney in LED light, the light spread, light invisible after the LED light source, LED energy-saving lamps become a big source of light, the light body is weak, and diffused light lamp shade common light transmittance over 80%, the effect is good.