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LED Chips Are Expected To Be In Short Supply This Year, With Six Shares Of Midline Potential
Jul 06, 2017

LED chips are expected to be in short supply this year, with six shares of midline potential

SAN 'an has issued a price increase notice, raising the price of the s-30mb/s-32bb series of products by 8%, and the first shot of the 2017 LED chip price increase.

From the upstream of LED, the concentration degree accelerates, forming higher industry barriers and strangles the expansion of disordered capacity. At the same time, the downstream applied innovation-driven industrial chain development. From the current situation, LED lighting accelerates penetration, LED lighting intelligently, networked drive small space to show the market acceleration explosion, becoming the main driving force of the new round of LED industry growth. By the end of 2017, according to the agency, the effective production capacity of LED chips will be about 83.28 million tablets, with a demand of about 93.5 million tablets. Industry insiders believe that LED chip capacity is still below demand. Given the steady growth of demand in 2017, LED chips will be in short supply.

Three Ann photoelectric

The company is the largest in the country with the full color of ultra high brightness LED chip manufacturing enterprises. At present, the company has formed a production capacity of 5.8m pieces of LED epitaxial and 128 billion chips, and the total output is the highest in the country. In 2013, the company will produce a comprehensive production scale of 10 million pieces of LED epitaxial and 300 billion chips of chips.

Ntu photoelectric

The main products of the company are high purity metal organic source (MO source). In 2012, the company accounted for about 20% of the global market share and 60% of the domestic market.

HuaCan photoelectric

Company since its establishment has been engaged in LED epitaxial wafer and chip, research and development, production and sales operations during the reporting period, apply to display chip sales growth of 22.65% over the previous year, at the same time for white light encapsulation of major breakthroughs were made in blue chip sales scale, sales accounted for more than 10%, up 1262% from a year earlier

Australia the shun cheong

In June 2013, the company proposed to invest more than 100 million shares of LED epitaxial chip and chip industrialization project at no less than 5.12 yuan per share.

Dry as photoelectric

The company has 8 MOCVD epitaxial furnaces from AIXTRON, seven of which are used to produce four yuan series of red and yellow leds, which have formed the capacity of nearly 15.8 billion chips a year.

Silan micro

In December 2012, the production capacity of the LED epitaxial chip of the company's wholly-owned subsidiary company was increased to 60,000 / month, and the production capacity of LED core was increased to 1.4 billion yuan/month.