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LED Chip Giant Three Photoelectric $2016 Annual Revenue Or Beyond The Crystal Electricity For The First Time
Jul 11, 2017

LED chip giant three photoelectric $2016 annual revenue or beyond the crystal electricity for the first time

As the "red" supply chain keeps growing, the mainland three Ann photoelectric LED faucet with the new capacity to join, and department of crystal electricity not blunt revenue, solid unit price (ASP), under the strategy of three this year in revenue, will transcend crystal electricity for the first time.

Crystal electric start production before, to master the machine for about 500, 450 as the blue leds, 50 RMB 4 LED. After last year's fourth quarter, crystal electricity in the face of upheaval boom and decline in ASP, decided to adjust the order mode for ASP, so decided to lose 25%. Based on the statistics in the this year, crystal electricity every move of the machine fell to 375 units, is still beyond 3, 300.

Three Ann are latecomers, however, but as the equipment machine is used to keep pace with The Times, the imported machines are mostly wafer size bigger, better efficiency of design, and xiamen plant expansion has continued. By contrast, crystal more focus on this year in adjusting orders, ASP, operating strategies focus on profit in preference to sprint to revenue, lead to three Ann, crystal face head-to-head on revenue.

Has a large government subsidies, even three Ann photoelectric Taiwan companies face unfair competition, but the legal person can be collected to the data and the interview results, three Ann photoelectric this year and next year revenue estimate respectively on the $950 million, $1.1 billion, under the conversion when nt $30.2 billion or $30.2 billion.

While the LED industry boom visibility is not high, revenue trend is variable, but with three Ann has revealed earnings figures, from the company's revenue is less than $2010 in 200 million, to $700 million in 2015, is equal to the scale of revenue rose 250% in five years. In the national strategic support, as well as the favorable factors of mastery of the world's fourth largest lighting market, the annual revenue to maintain in the fast-growing track.

Crystal electricity revenue of 25.51 billion yuan last year, three photoelectric is about $730 million, crystal electricity revenue scale is still leading three Ann photoelectric about 10%.

Domestic brokerages in August for crystal electricity in 2016, 2017 revenue forecast 26.8 billion yuan respectively, 26.8 billion yuan, if the two big revenue scale such as legal person estimate, three Ann photoelectric revenue this year is likely to be beyond the crystal electricity for the first time.

In fact, the LED industry and legal person quite agree with the direction of transformation of the crystal electric, crystal electricity four leds have pull up to 25 ~ 30%, the proportion of high order blue chips such as CSP, FC expansion has also launched, operating is unprecedented, but crystal electricity both revenue or production base is very big, any products into the crystal on the revenue proportion of electricity seemed small, so the transformation etc. departments, many a mickle makes a muckle.