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LED Ball Lighting Uav, Leap Forward
Sep 14, 2017

LED ball lighting uav, leap forward

During the Lady Gaga super bowl halftime show earlier this year, 300 Intel Shooting Star drones lit up the night sky behind her. But it's not easy to control hundreds of drones with computers. On Tuesday, Japan telecom giant NTT Docomo unveiled a very good light drone solution.

NTT Docomo says the drone is the world's first spherical lighting drone. Structurally, it consists of a spherical outer frame and an internal LED frame, with eight curved LED bands extending from the top to the bottom. The spherical frame has a diameter of about 88 centimeters (about 34.5 inches), and the entire installed drone weighs just 3.4 kilograms. The LED display has a resolution of 144 136, with a two-arm drone protruding from the bottom.


In flight, the LED frame spins rapidly to create the illusion of a solid-state image. According to NTT Docomo, drones are highly mobile and can be operated almost anywhere, such as display ads on concert halls or on the stage, or even as part of a show.

So the dazzling LED drone, does it make you want? The development and extension of LED technology make life better.