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Large Screen Market Continues To Grow Small Spacing LED, Liquid Crystal Splice Lead

Large screen market continues to grow small spacing LED, liquid crystal splice lead

Price war has become a center of market hedging

Since 2017, the price of small spacing LED products has fallen by 1-2. The price of LCDS has decreased by 1 percent. The price drop has a similar background: last year, the upper reaches of both the LCD panel and the small spacing LED grains experienced price increases and are at a high price level.

The contrast suggests that the downstream sector still sees "price war" as an unavoidable topic. Even if the upstream market price rises, the downstream end is in acceptable range, and still insist on the trend of price decline.

There is also a "fundamental conflict" between small spacing leds and liquid crystal splicing in price wars. On the one hand, the p1.8 small distance product is particularly concerned with the expansion of the security market in addition to the application market, such as the target landscape. The security market is the basic disk of liquid crystal splicing. On the other hand, three - and fourth-tier city applications, especially smart city projects, have become an incremental focus of the large-screen market. The field is also a must for small spacing LED and liquid crystal splicing.

The price war of small spacing LED and liquid crystal splice is also the challenge of DLP splicing products. The industry predicts that by this year's low, DLP splicing will be a challenge for both, with unit prices falling by about 30% from 2015. And with COB technology as the leading emerging small spacing LED products, the high-end application of DLP splicing is regarded as "the land of need". This kind of market "to table" type of conflict, price war must become the first choice method.

In short, the overall growth of the large-screen market has increased since 2017, but the price war is very dark. There is a strong smell between market brands and competing products. The overall market is in the superposition of high prosperity and competitive competition; Market brands are in the lead of the leading edge, small and medium-sized manufacturers of the rise of the rise of the dumbbell structure; The market segment also deduces the "two heavy" dramas of competition and emerging demand innovation.