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Intelligent Lighting Market Share Is Expected To Achieve A Substantial Increase
Nov 02, 2017

Intelligent lighting market share is expected to achieve a substantial increase

Yinchuan Changqing Bo Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Yuzhong that intelligent lighting products are now in innovation and development period, the state does not have a unified industry standards, and therefore can not measure the level of technical level of the manufacturer. At the same time, the market price of products is uneven, consumers are online is in the experience and wait and see stage.

I think that intelligent lighting products is the use of Internet electronic technology to meet consumer demand for a variety of convenience, such as according to consumer sentiment to adjust the color temperature of light, according to the needs of the work environment to adjust the light illumination, according to the consumer Different behavior space and time control lighting opening and closing, and so on.

Now most consumers understand the intelligent lighting products is limited to some media publicity sensibility, with the intelligent lighting manufacturers in the physical store to increase the display of intelligent lighting products to "Run things fine silent" way to make consumers more Depth to feel intelligent lighting products. In the display process, if you can get the needs of consumers recognized, intelligent lighting products will be designated in the consumer market share has a big increase.

With the consumer material, cultural level of continuous improvement, intelligent products continue to recognize and stimulate the intelligent lighting products will have a leap-style understanding. In particular, today's consumer mainstream is 80 and 90, they accept the ability of new things stronger, will lead the market consumption, guide and promote the consumption of new intelligent lighting products, intelligent lighting products to a new level of consumption.