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Installation Instructions Of Solar LED Lamp Manufacturers
Jul 18, 2017

Installation instructions of solar LED lamp manufacturers

The professional solar LED lamp is used as energy for the night lighting use, is a new lighting tool, is a very consistent environmental protection concept invention. Solar LED lights consist of only a few parts, and its installation looks simple, but there are some details that can't be ignored. When installing professional solar LED lights, what precautions should be taken into consideration?

Instructions for installation of solar LED lights

1. Determine the foundation

When installing solar LED lights to make sure good foundation, so the operator must first survey geological situation, had better choose no shading material and the position of the underground without other facilities, for eligible to locate the position of casting, ensure good embedded parts and foundation and the ground at the same horizontal plane, such ability ensures light pole erected after tilt will not happen.

2. Component installation

Solar LED lights for the quality of the assembled by a variety of components, so when installing component method is very important, there are a variety of installation methods, but different installation methods have different external load requirements. So no matter which method you choose to install, the installed solar LED lamps must be able to perform all aspects of the performance. It is also necessary to ensure that the components are not affected by collision and so on in advance, so as not to affect the effect of use.

3. Secondary embedded

In solar LED headlamp unit after installation, should check the whole street lamp molding effect, if there are street light pole tilt think it to adjust, ultimately to ensure that all solar LED lights are in line with the overall installation effect. For the Angle deviation of the front of the panel, adjust the direction of the front of the panel, and use the compass tool to move the direction. You should also check the lamp arm, the lamp head, etc. Once you have checked all of your attention, you can use cement to build a small square of the base, making the solar LED lights more resilient.

Above is to install solar LED lights step method, want to know has no effect when choosing position must choose the place where the sun, lest affect absorb solar energy battery components, and the best location for the battery components direction is toward the south. After a period of time, you should clean the battery components of the solar LED lights, so that they can receive solar energy to the maximum extent and extend the service life.