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Information On Solar LED Street Lamps
Jul 25, 2017

Information on solar LED street lamps

We know that global lighting accounts for 20 percent of all electricity, and much of it is used for outdoor lighting. China is no exception. According to statistics, there are about 200 million lamps installed in China. The average power of a street lamp is about 200 watts, assuming that the opening time of each day is 10 hours, so it is 2 kilowatt-hours daily, 365 days is 730 kilowatt-hours, 200 million is 146 billion kilowatt-hours. The 26 units of the three gorges hydropower station, China's largest hydropower station, have generated an annual output of 84.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. So all the street lights use about two three gorges power stations. This is by no means a small number.

What's more, the current street lamps are increasing at a rate of 20 million a year. At the moment, almost 90% of them are high pressure sodium lamps. Although its luminous efficiency is still very high, but its life is short, the electricity consumption is big, the color temperature is low, the color sex is poor, and still contain the poisonous material such as mercury, will be eliminated sooner or later.

Since the ministry of science and technology put forward the "ten cities" plan to develop LED streetlights. Now LED street lamps are developing at a furious pace. Unfortunately, more than 90 percent of the "ten million" is still using alternating current LED street lamps, or retrofitting existing high-pressure sodium lamps as LED street lamps. Conservative estimates suggest that the total number of plans for ten cities will be more than 2 million, but that is just one-tenth of the total number of new street lights added each year. As said earlier, if every new 20 million lamp that USES the solar energy, then the total output will reach 4 million kilowatts, actually is much more than this number, because usually solar LED street lamp used in solar panels power is three to four times that of the actual street lamp power. Assuming three times as much, the total solar panel will have a capacity of 12 gigawatts. China's solar panels totaled 1.78 million kilowatts (1,780 megawatts) in 2008. It is far from the need to supply solar street lamps. Thus, the market of solar LED street lamps is not an optional market, but an important market.


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