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Incandescent Lamp, Energy-saving Lamps, Led Lamp Silly Points Not Clear, How To Choose A Light Bulb?
Feb 20, 2017

Lamps and lanterns is every family will buy home appliance products, with the development of technology, in addition to the basic function of the lamps and lanterns lighting, also gradually appeared the adjustable light color temperature, the human body induction and so on many kinds of intelligent products.

Is light, no matter for lighting, or to build atmosphere, always want to rely on people's eyes to feel, not suitable for the light, the lamps and lanterns of unqualified, can make the lighting effect, and may even hurt people's eyes.

When lamps and lanterns of choose and buy some common sense, therefore, we need to know, to buy a light bulb scientifically.

A light source, suitable for the human eye

1, the structure of the human eye is a extremely complicated camera.

The light enter the eye through the cornea, pupil, lens etc after will fall like a projected onto the retina.

The retina is visual physiological processes of optical and electrical connections, the light gathered by the retina, the vision of people began to work.

Light feeling cells of the retina according to its shape can be divided into columnar cells (rods and cones (cone), rod cells was stronger than cones light sensitivity, but the color sensitivity is weak, generally in low light conditions.

Light cones, high resolution, but low sensitivity, so in the case of high brightness color commonly, theory mainly for red, green and blue cones, there is a direct response, the colors we see are imagined...

The curve of the predecessors obtained an important - relative visual sensitivity function curve:

This proves that we'd like to see the color of nature. For the green light wavelength (507-555 nm) is the most sensitive, so have nothing more to nature for a walk.

Thus we can know that affect our vision has three elements: brightness, color, speed (flashing)

That is to be judged from this a few aspects:

A, brightness levels (brightness, luminous flux, intensity of illumination and A series of evaluation index of light)

B, color levels (spectrum, color temperature, color rendering and a series of its ability to describe light reduction object ecru color and light)

C, glowing form (whether continuous light, etc.)

Too much professional term is not to say, we are still popular.

Let's look at the original light -- the sun.

Can know the continuous spectrum of the sun, the light color is very suitable for our eyes. Don't read in the sun, of course, here said the light color rather than the strength of the sunlight.

Under normal weather whether cloudy or sunny day, no one will feel pain in my eyes. Well, yes, seeing is believing, here the sun is the most suitable for your own eyes. Choose what behind the light source close to the sun's light.

And the sun because of the huge energy consumption, has never been what flicker problem. That is to say this to the speed of light, brightness is smooth.

Second, the common household lighting characteristics and the types of the light source

Commonly used at home basically is incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps and LED lights, as for some other light these at home such as fluorescent lamp installation is small, is not an option for today.

A, incandescent lamp

1, how it works: incandescent lamps also known as tungsten lamp. A lot of heat generated by the current through the filament, making the filament temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius above and under incandescent, called incandescent lamp.

2, advantages: incandescent lamp is the most close to the sun, good color rendering, color rendering index from 99 to 100; The price is cheap.

3, disadvantages: incandescent lamp of electricity consumed only about 10% can be converted into energy, and the rest are in the form of heat energy is lost, and usually no more than 1000 hours service life. Two words:

Energy saving, short service life.

4, stroboscopic

Incandescent lamp is hot, so the filament in the light after a certain thermal inertia, but the inertia is proportional to the thickness of a filament, so in the normal power supply under the premise of wave frequency and depth of the incandescent and halogen lamps can refer to below (60 w bulb)

Summary: incandescent although cheap color is good, but the power consumption big life is short, most used for heating, electricity performance is far lower than the new generation of new light source, has been asked to exit the market gradually.

Second, the energy-saving lamps

1, energy-saving lamp is a great invention of the light source field, the characteristic is can make any color temperature and high color rendering, due to the effect of glow of the phosphor powder, stroboscopic can be ignored.

2, advantages: small volume, save energy than incandescent bulbs, also live longer than incandescent bulbs. Prices because the government subsidies are very cheap, but are very expensive, supermarkets sell LED prices are lower than the energy-saving lamps in the stores.

3, disadvantages: low color rendering index, seeing serious color change; Fragile, add mercury inside, there is no good recovery mechanism, environmental pollution is can not be ignored; Energy-saving lamps using instantaneous high pressure generated in the ballast, will produce certain electromagnetic radiation.

Summary: a very popular, very popular, very popular! Energy-saving lamps brought a lot of convenience to our life, but it also brings a lot of problems: mercury pollution, stroboscopic and electromagnetic radiation, etc. Visual inspection will be fully replaced by LED products.

Three: LED lights

1, how it works: LED light-emitting diode, is a kind of ability to electric energy into visible light solid state semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into light. LED, due to the different light emitting principle theory can completely eliminate the stroboscope, with high light efficiency and pursue higher photosynthetic efficiency potential

2, advantages: high luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, in theory, a long service life, light can be up to 100000 hours, the actual product 30000-50000 hours is not a problem, basically enough enough for home; No ultraviolet and infrared radiation; Contains no lead, mercury and other pollution elements.

3, disadvantages: the quality of the LED lamps and lanterns on the market the good and bad are intermingled, kill off these years prices have is not the problem, but low price the quality of the product is really worrying.

4, stroboscopic

On the structure of it, if the LED chip in the PN junction of electronic through is steady, the LED can continue uninterrupted luminescence (no stroboscopic).

Color (color and color temperature)

We have seen the spectrum of light, the characteristics of the cones. But when it is difficult to see the buy lamps light source spectrum, a simple method is to look at the light source color rendering, a person is the light color of color reduction ability evaluation system, specific can see below.

Visible from the figure, color rendering index is a common source of 15 kinds of color reduction degree an average

So, a simple, high color rendering of light source, generally a light color won't be too bad.

Color temperature we use to represent some places:

Generally low colour temperature low illumination environment, people will feel comfortable (such as hotel, club), there will be some lazy or leisure feelings;

Neutral color temperature high intensity of illumination environment, people will be more exciting, such as the dressing room, people will be exciting in this environment has been in a state of excitement;

High color temperature high illumination where people will feel the spirit of a short time, a lot of Hong Kong and Taiwan in the police station on the prisoner is in this state, in this case, the people's resistance will gradually weaken