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In 2017 Aladdin BBS Opens Innovation To Change The LED Industry
Jun 13, 2017

On June 9, 2017, by the Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou guangzhou Aladdin electronic commerce co., LTD., host, vertical media Aladdin lighting institute, guangdong south net energy to undertake, to "think lighting - and the whole of the integration of" as the theme of the 2017 Aladdin lighting BBS China import and export commodities fair in guangzhou the grand opening of the exhibition halls.

The meeting with technology and innovation as a core topic, entrepreneurs from China and the world, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars and opinion leaders, media people together, to discuss industry pattern and change in the future, how to take the technical innovation to a new realm, explore and discover new kinetic energy LED for the future development of China. Liu jun, deputy general manager of guangzhou Aladdin e-commerce co., held the opening meeting of the BBS in Aladdin.

Notable is, the opening set for the global lighting innovation of supply chain collaboration summit conference, and introduce "global illumination" number one, hope that through the global supply chain collaborative innovation as the lighting industry brings new opportunities and new change, open new era of lighting industry.

According to the organizers, the BBS industry event in Aladdin is focusing on the best of all areas of the LED industry, focusing on the 2017 industry hot spots. The CEO and CTO of the industry gathered together to discuss and study the hot topic of the industry. Exchanges of ideas, brilliant brilliance, will bring the most fresh, cutting-edge industries innovative wisdom.

In the exhibition, chairman of guangzhou in the Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou, director, said in a speech Dr Pan Wenbo "global illumination" 1 "the global lighting industry trade purchasing management and supply chain collaboration platform", by the exhibition group, guangzhou zber trade with the global supply chain collaborative platform, the integration of the world's biggest sourcing network resources (SAP Ariba), Aladdin resources platform, and the light on the basis of the advantages of professional exhibitions together to build and operate, through the "Internet + global sourcing" service, help lighting enterprise quickly realize the authors efficiency and quality upgrading, collaborative innovation.

Zber chairman Chen xiaofeng (left one), the managing director of guangzhou Aladdin electronic commerce co., LTD. (middle), Power China su xiaochu (right one) completed the contract

More worth looking forward to, China in turbine group is in the exhibition group - guangzhou Aladdin electronic commerce company with "area" lighting industry overseas joint marketing platform. One Belt And One Road, which illuminates the future, illuminates the whole lighting industry. Had state way, to have the "online" multi-stage supply chain management system, a multilateral cooperation mechanism under the "Internet + supply chain finance" innovation, "One Belt And One Road" will bring new market opportunity to the lighting industry. Guangzhou Aladdin electronic commerce co., LTD., managing director of Mr Cloud as a representative of the contract, and the two sides reached a cooperation, global lighting purchase management and supply chain innovation synergy platform officially launched.

Director Mr Chen Yansheng CALI/China lighting association, points out that China's lighting industry after years of development, China has become the world's largest lighting products producer and exporter, China lighting products of more than 50% market share in the global market. Under the new normal economy, enterprise development direction of the future is not to do, but to develop and expand, to be competitive in the international market, and create a national brand in China.

Zber/global supply chain collaborative platform chairman Mr Xiao-feng Chen as BBS theme report said that China's economy and enterprises face serious challenges, "Internet + global sourcing" has become the ultimate salvation. He talks about, e-commerce brings "sales driven", and "purchase driven" e-commerce complete optimized distribution of global resources, implement global sourcing and supply chain collaborative network, so as to achieve authors efficiency, quality, and the innovation.

LED China as the world's major exporter, with the domestic market is saturated, LED enterprises to "go out" and looking for new growth pole and profit growth point of industry development is the trend of The Times. Power China/China in turbine group international engineering co., new business development, deputy general manager, send invitation Dr Su Xiaochu China guangzhou in turbine and exhibition group based on combining the influence of the two sides in their respective fields, hope lighting companies to join Chinese overseas joint marketing platform in turbine group, common terminal market in overseas.

The Samsung Electronics/Samsung Electronics Dr. Jacob Tarn EVP LED Business Team also made a special share of the "LED lighting market trends" project for the audience. The advanced LED industry, he says, is in a state of flux, but it is also quite irrational. "This is a the worst of times, is also one of the best times", see you can grasp the market pulse, grasp market driven, becoming under the change of the winner.

Zber global supply chain collaboration platform (B2B) trading, as SAP Ariba strategy of global supply chains (BPO) authorized partners, as well as China and Germany prime minister under the witness of the first domestic "purchasing driven" industry e-commerce platform, has a strong platform and online resources. Mr Musa Unmehopa, vice chairman of ZigBee alliance's board of directors at the conference, Shared the theme of "smart lighting technology trends and global markets".

EPISTAR/wafer photoelectric co., LTD. Marketing center industry research project director Danny tian when doing the theme report said that the future has come, photoelectric innovation today, pushing the world in the future. He thinks that a new wave of smart connected technologies is coming, and opportunities are distributed among the LED industries, and disruptive revolutions are looming.

The three-day "2017 Aladdin lighting BBS" has been put on display. Thinking about lighting, integration in the future, many Aladdin lighting BBS topics seminars will also, by Chinese and foreign elite lighting for all the key issues discussed, with force, promoting industry innovation will also be in the guangzhou international lighting fair during the professionals to bring more wonderful exhibition experience.

Reported that 2017 guangzhou international lighting fair exhibition area of 180000 square meters, from over 20 countries and regions in the world, 2428 of the companies together, with the most innovative lighting products and cutting-edge technology from the auction of art, to further consolidate the exhibition as the world's most influential and most comprehensive lighting and LED industry exhibition.