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I Don't Believe You've Used A Variety Of Digital Tubes
Jun 21, 2017

I don't believe you've used a variety of digital tubes

Design more different function, often change the surface of the digital tube mould, and adding more LED display panel, made into different shapes of special digital tube, digital tube surface with a layer of the mask, can be widely used in instruments, clocks, station, home appliances and other occasions, such as digital tube pin arrangement is also different. What if we get this kind of digital tube, how do we drive it and show what we want? How to use it for our products, or for creative DIY? This article will introduce you to some of the "special digital tubes" that I have seen so that readers can get a feel for their use, and hope to help you with your creative projects.


The first special digital tube was introduced. This is a pair of two digital tubes in the white panel, with three LED colors below the usual two digital tubes. Tear the mask before, we can see that the following piece is to indicate the minimum logo, used in some comparative value to the size of the situation, for example, indicates the high temperature is beyond the upper limit or water level low.

We can design a game of stone scissors cloth, single chip computer and access the digital tube, the other end access 6 keys, we also need to play scissors stone cloth at least two people? 3 buttons, so each control three keys represent the arrow, stone and cloth, the program can be directly transformed into digital comparison, determine both sides after input, digital tube display respectively on both sides of the input, which side victory at the bottom of the piece is flashing, if even just flashing in the middle. Haha, interesting? You can also plug in a buzzer on the circuit to remind you. This type of production is especially suitable for beginners to exercise their own production capacity and to enhance their interest in the single chip.


   This feature has a lot of digital tubes, so we have more room to expand. The digital tube has a white and black panel, with several LED shades in addition to the two "8 words" shown in the middle. We can design a consistent size and the digital tube glass fiber copper-clad r.p. panel and painted on the corresponding large LED color piece a few touch key, and blank in the middle, because of the glass fiber sheet after corrosion has a translucent effect, and then after corrosion of the copper clad on top digital tube, do a belt touch-key operation "digital tube mask", procedural add LED color piece of breathing light effect, in this way, each time you press the touch button, the corresponding LED color piece is a respiratory effects, make a touch with breathing effect according to the keypad, after can be used in our other production operation input, to make more creative! This kind of digital tube LED color is more, the length is relatively long, suitable to make the creative production of LED luminescence, people are good at the words of the words, will have more idea burst out.


This is a digital tube for electric water heaters, with time and temperature displays, and other "appointment heating" and "night light" features. After the tear film, we can find that, since there are two group of digital tube display, we use the digital tube can be directly DIY a time and temperature display program, using a DS18B20 read the temperature value, directly display 10 and single digits, if the measured temperature value is negative, the patch will light up, on behalf of the test value is negative. We can also design an upper limit, and if the temperature test exceeds the set limit, the above color will blink. Add a piece of DS1302 clock chip, and the reading time is shown in the four digital tubes in the lower right corner, second in the middle. If you design a piece of "shape" of the same size and PCB, components design in the digital tube and PCB in the interval, so that the internal components can be in the "invisible", make project can look more concise.


Here is a kind of white desktop clock before and I do similar digital tube, contrast before digital tube, it can be seen that the digital tube to the right of the four color piece more, so much pin a control color piece of public side, looked out from the digital tube and should be used in microwave oven display, color piece corresponding content could be real-time temperature, humidity, weight, time, etc. If use this digital tube for DIY, can access a temperature and humidity sensors, such as commonly used DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, switch according to temperature and humidity values, the right of the box can be used to display the temperature and humidity level. Using the display Settings of the feature digital tubes, we can make our production more practical.


Below this kind of digital tube shape is a little special, front is a rectangle, it is round, often used in electric water heater temperature and working status, tear film, you can see is a white panel with a variety of color piece of LED digital tube, digital tube that looks beautiful, and the patch is a variety of colors, such as red, blue, orange, so use this digital tube to DIY any production, will feel very creative. Meet the characteristics of the digital tube, I first thought of the mind is also a same size PCB design, the above two "eight characters" display "hour", the following two "eight characters" display "minutes", and then connected to strap around at both ends, with a piece of work voltage is 3 v microcontroller, access to large capacity battery, add a vibration sensor, design a "palming action" algorithm, if you need to check the time when the wrist a flip, by reading the state of the vibration sensor, the digital tube will show the time can not only save the battery usage, can also let the people around you "watch" a big surprise to you. Of course, if you want to design more, you can add a three-axis sensor to determine how many steps you take each day to make a smart watch!