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How To Prevent Inferior LED Lamp To Circulate In The Market
Jul 18, 2017

How to prevent inferior LED lamp to circulate in the market

The explosion was not the first news event because of quality problems. Last October, a children's clothing store with the use of inferior LED lights have happened "lights" slag, bombings, has good clothes in the shop no burning, otherwise the consequence is unimaginable, it is said that the LED lamp is the cause of the explosion is caused due to the power of the lamps and lanterns use inferior. It seems to want to make inferior LED not appear in the market still have to eliminate from the root.


The national standards of LED lighting are the subject of discussion in the industry. Despite the fact that local standards are being developed and tested, standard chaos, lack of uniform norms and standards, and low barriers to entry in the industry. At present, there are various kinds of LED lighting application products, different performances and different interchangeability, which pose a serious challenge to the whole industry.

In addition, although LED enterprises are cooperating with industrial and commercial sampling, there are many enterprises that reflect the limitations of industrial and commercial sampling inspection, including the limitation of sampling scope. There are only a few industries within the brand that have been tested, and there are fewer sample samples. In short, the LED industry needs to develop healthily without the uniform product standards and technical supervision.

In this case, it is important to mention a brand - flying eagle lighting, flying eagle lighting can be said to be a strict control of product quality.

Feidiao electronics group was founded in 1987, launched the switch socket, lighting, plumbing, bath bully, exhaust fan, household cable construction such as water and electricity system products, designed to provide consumers with one-stop solution for building hydroelectric power system. Flying eagle lighting is a subsidiary of flying sculpture group. It was founded in zhongshan in 2009. As a rising star in the lighting industry, it is rapidly emerging in the industry due to its high standards of modern production base and its ability to develop and develop its technology and its cost and quality control. At present, we have covered more than 80 products, including home lighting, commercial lighting, crystal lighting, light source accessories and engineering matching. The market share has reached more than 80%, and the dealers are all over the country.

Feidiao selects the lamp bead for high quality lights, long service life and does not hurt the eye, in terms of driving, flying eagle products are used by constant current drive, no stroboscopic, carving and fly all the light source and absorb dome light obtained 3 c certification.

To create a comfortable lighting environment, we aim to create an intangible value for each customer.