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How To Distinguish Between LED Spotlights And LED Downlights
Dec 29, 2017

Many people are not easy to distinguish between LED downlights and LED spotlights, in the home decoration, downlights and spotlights have different uses, simply put down light is a relative to the ordinary brightly lit lamps with more condenser Lamps, generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Spotlight is a highly concentrated light, its light is to have a specific target can be specified. Mainly for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or very innovative place. We distinguish the characteristics of the two lamps from the light source, the application position, and the price comparison.

1, light source

Downlight can be installed incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps can also be installed. When installed incandescent light is yellow. Energy-saving lamps installed when the lights

The bubble type can be white or yellow. Ceiling downlight light source direction can not be adjusted. From the picture below we can directly see the energy-saving lamp downlight, and waterproof downlight is added a waterproof glass outside.

General household spotlights use quartz bulbs, or lamp beads. Of course, large spotlights do not necessarily use quartz bulbs. Quartz bulbs only yellow light. And general spotlight light source direction can be adjusted freely.

2, application location

Downlights are generally installed in the ceiling, the general need ceiling above 150mm can be installed. Of course, the downlight also has an external type. Downlight or chandelier in the area to install downlight is a good choice, the light relative to the spotlight to be gentle.

Spotlights can be divided into track-type, point-type and embedded and so on. Spotlights generally have transformers, but there are also transformers. Built-in spotlights can be installed in the ceiling. Spotlight is mainly used for the need to emphasize or performance of the ground. Such as TV wall, paintings, jewelry, etc., you can play light to enhance the effect.

3, the price

In general, the better the quality of domestic lighting spotlights brand Op, three legislation, NVC, three male Aurora. Among them, NVC and Sanli best value for money.

Downlights are generally large (5 inches) (4 inches) small (2.5 inches) three. Small current market price between 15-20 yuan, medium 28-32 yuan, large between 36-48 yuan. Of course, the above prices do not contain light. Downlight has a horizontal plug and vertical plug two, horizontal plug price inserted more expensive than a bit.

It should be noted that, spotlights generally can not be used for short-range exposure to wool fabric, it can not be close to a flammable barrier, or easily cause a fire. Although the spotlight and more power consumption, but it has the appropriate position in the decorative effect is quite different. Spotlights and colorful lights cup decorated with unique flavor.

LED spotlights.jpg

LED downlights.jpg

            LED spotlights                                                                                          LED downlights