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How To Balance The Thermal Protection Against The Heat
Jul 19, 2017

How to balance the thermal protection against the heat

In a year when belong to this period of time for outdoor LED screen (challenge is the largest, damp and hot weather LED moistureproof and cooling the contradiction of the natural confrontation. How in the rainy weather to do a good job of moistureproof, at the same time in high temperature environment to maintain good heat dissipation, has become a thorny problem facing outdoor LED screen.

LED display components belong to MSD components (moisture sensitive device), once there is moisture to enter may cause light bead, PCB board, power supply, power supply cord device oxidation corrosion, such as zero failure and resulting death lamp. Therefore, the module, internal structure and external chassis of LED screen need to be well protected against damp and waterproof design.

At the same time, the internal components of LED screen are also the most heated electronic components, such as LED lamp beads, drive IC, switching power supply, etc. Poor heat dissipation design can cause oxidation of the screen material and affect quality and life. If the heat is agglomerated and dispersed, it can lead to overheating of the LED internal devices and failure. Therefore, good heat dissipation requires a thorough and convective structure, which contradicts the demand for moisture protection.

In the heat and humidity of the weather, facing moisture and heat, this seemingly irreconcilable contradiction can be deftly resolved through exquisite hardware and elaborate structural design.

First, reducing power consumption and reducing thermal damage is an effective way to improve heat dissipation. From the source to choose high quality LED chip to optimize design, pay attention to the independent development, efficient, high quality driving power supply of raw material quality and excellent performance parameters for heat, moisture laid a firm foundation.

Furthermore, the improvement of module production technology is also the most important. For PCB electronic structure optimization, change numerous for brief, reasonable arrangement, and make use of the high thermal conductivity material glue sealing, at the same time meet the demand of seamless accessible and components of the cooling water vapor.

Finally, rational optimization of box structure can play a key role. Considering on chassis material choose the high quality aluminum, heat and oxidation resistance inside the chassis adopts multi-layer architecture space, form the natural convection heat dissipation structure, can make full use of the natural air convection, both cooling and sealing, both also improves the reliability and service life.