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How Can The LED Display Help The Construction Of Smart City?
Jul 07, 2017

How can the LED display help the construction of smart city?

Wisdom city is to use information and communication technology to sensor, analysis, integration of city core system running in all kinds of key information, and including the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public security, urban services, commercial and industrial activities, all kinds of requirements to make intelligent response. Its essence is to use advanced information technology to realize the city's intelligent management and operation, thus creating a better life for the people in the city and promoting the harmonious and sustainable development of the city.

City contains the wisdom of public service, urban context, wisdom government urban comprehensive management operating platform, intelligent transportation, such as application, in these projects, the LED display industry for the construction of the "wisdom city" played a huge role, all kinds of LED products and effectively promote the construction of the "wisdom city".

LED screens promote smart city processes

Has long been a security construction in cities is an important part of the "wisdom city" construction, also is many places priority, and reliable security monitoring system solution is an integral part of the wisdom urban construction. And small distance between the LED display screen as the core of "digital, modular and centrally managed" intelligent management system, realized the "integration of system integration, according to the real-time and intelligent network, maintenance and management" and a series of demand, will effectively promote the construction of "smart city".

In fact, in recent years, with the rise of LED display, small spacing, security, government, transportation, and so on, more and more of the relevant government departments and units purchased this kind of indoor LED display screen and display system is used as the command operation platform system.

The coordinated development of LED and intelligent ecosystem

At present, in the wisdom of city construction, the LED is mainly in the form of display on the market, but the control of the product, function, operation mode has changed slowly.

First of all, on the product features, LED display, according to the change in the past only have the function of isolated existence, but set environment perception, intelligent recognition interaction, communication and other functions in one of the intelligent terminals, application scope and break through the original attached to the wall, advertising column, etc., are widely installed on the walking street, plaza, community, scenic areas, commercial street, station, bus station, high-speed service area, toll station and other public places.

Furthermore, on the enterprise's business model to build, in the age of wisdom,, products in addition to the original display, more has the functions such as communication, perception, interaction, to identify monitoring, formed the different kinds of big data, LED intelligent city terminal can bear in the traffic control, weather monitoring, personnel, public security and other public areas.

And LED the enterprise development, the enterprise brand, product, market and so on how to wisdom, instrumentation layout again, introduced a LED display and wisdom ecosystem combination of new products, for the LED display industry provides a new kinetic energy.

Detailed projects are extensive, LED demand will be more prosperous

With the advance of the "smart city" process, the LED display can play an increasingly important role in the command scheduling system, intelligent management system, and custom industry application systems.

In the application of smart city, there is a class of public customers oriented to 2C, namely, education, medical care, transportation, environmental protection and other people's livelihood system services. Therefore, in the construction of smart city, information transmission to the public will also be an important part. The need for real-time information, such as intelligent parking lots and smart health care, will be more prominent. And as in the construction of intelligent traffic system, the traffic conditions more quickly in a timely manner and changeful guide will become a trend, it also means that in the past the traditional fixed display logo will be replaced in a certain extent, tips, guide in the emerging information panels can produce a large number of display requirements. But this is in the road transport system occupies a certain position of the LED traffic panel, demand will be stronger, in addition to these, the construction of the "wisdom city" in the future will be more detailed, then the demand for the LED will be more and more.

Since "wisdom city" construction to carry out, we can see that the LED display in the development of "intelligent city" construction of major contribution in: the people's livelihood, environmental protection, public security, urban services, commercial and industrial activities, etc can be seen everywhere the form of the LED, it is to achieve the wisdom of the urban management, create a better city life has played a huge role.