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How Can LED Display Companies Cut Into The Creative Display Space?
Jul 19, 2017

How can LED display companies cut into the creative display space?

Spread out from the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony of the Chinese painting scroll, sails screen to guangzhou Asian games model, then to the Rio Olympics by giant "ball" and slowly changing out the lotus stage, LED display overturned thoroughly display image in the eyes of people: the original LED display can be so creative, so beautiful! LED display of these enduring classic case not only forever keep in people's memory, and set up a monument for the LED display industry, firmly stand in the field of outdoor display, even become synonymous with creative display.

"Creative display", as a new concept in recent years, was originally used to distinguish between conventional displays. In recent years, projection, 3 d, holographic laser display, new display means such as AR \ VR began to comprehensive application, as an important "one" in the field of LED display unwilling lonely, of course, creative concept arises at the historic moment. The idea is that creative display is not new, and since LED has been invented, creative display has come with it.

The innovation of the LED industry starts with "shape"

LED display, as an engineering display product, has been widely used in various outdoor display projects since its inception. In practical application, due to the restriction of the environmental factors and restriction on the installation site of the building or the special requirements of the owner side, the installation of the LED display often presents the irregular shape, with the diamond, arc type, door type, cylindrical or spherical, all this, and so on. LED screen manufacturers have developed special special-shaped display modules for these irregular display projects. Also found in the actual project development, the conventional control system and video player software cannot meet these irregular patchwork display normal control and playback, and a dedicated control system supporting the development and display software, and in some projects still need to design complex motor driven structure.

The advantage of the free LED display is quickly revealed in the outdoor display area, and a large number of outdoor display projects are beginning to choose LED displays. The "alien screen" is also officially established as a branch of the LED display industry. Today, LED display industry has produced a number of enterprises, such as jin lixiang, lixiang huike, kangshuo exhibition, chuang xian, etc.

Early special-shaped screen project, due to the market and the limitations of the project itself, a lot of abnormity modules need to be done according to the actual situation of project technical research and temporary mould custom, caused the oneness projects and replication. The whole alien display market has a high technical threshold and high cost and other characteristics, the market is difficult to popularize. With the progress of technology and the entry of module manufacturers, the market threshold and cost of the entire alien screen are rapidly reduced. For example, the intervention of the module manufacturer mingxing guang, through 80% of the normal size group with 20% of the heteromorphic module, can be spliced with the majority of the shape of the display; It can also be spliced in various shapes of different shapes, especially in the stage application. The soft module (flexible screen) developed by some manufacturers such as meyadi can be flexibly bent and shaped. Through the efforts of these manufacturers, the threshold of the alien screen has been effectively reduced. Nowadays, the innovation of LED display is no longer "shape", but more "meaning".

The creative display belongs to the "blue sea" LED by the LED display market.

It's a time when technology is exploding and selling ideas and ideas is definitely more valuable than selling them. The people of the LED display industry know much about this, but there are few things that can be done. When most companies in the domestic LED display industry are stuck in the quagmire of price wars, some of the companies that sell ideas as selling points are getting mixed up. Due to the traditional regular LED display homogeneity phenomenon exists generally, add serious excess capacity, manufacturers in order to survive, only grudgingly shopping price, lead to serious internal friction industry, many enterprises. And the main creative display manufacturer is clever to avoid price war, sell the products to sell creative display solutions, in addition to the display, also pack a bunch of peripheral products and services, than to sell its product added value display simply earn far more that three melon two jujube, its profit is several times more to sell screens. As one of the industry's unknown manufacturers in recent years, who would have thought that he would be the first in the bar's creative display market? In addition to the display, its video control software and broadcast content are also standard and widely used in bar clubs at home and abroad.

Creative display is based on the market in recent years, technological progress and the way of thinking innovation and come out a new way of display, although its creative performance depend on the display device, but more performance in creative means and form. As long as there is good material and form, even the regular screen can realize creative display. Popular in recent years is a novel way of performing, is have the aid of screen and the material and the field of light stage to cooperate, create a real and unreal, realize multidimensional space stereo rendering novel creative display.

The idea of "shape" should be "shape" and "meaning". This is also a lot of manufacturers that are used to the LED display hardware, and it is difficult to change the root cause of creative display. However, the market always favors differentiated products, and creative display is a differentiated product that can enhance the connotation of LED display. Creative display on LED display configuration and technical indicators have not imagined so high, just according to the characteristics of LED display, the new design and material development, in the build environment apply colours to a drawing atmosphere and environment integration. It is this design and reengineering, give full play to the potential of the LED display, enhance the connotation of LED display, which is no longer just a display of the carrier, but a creative projects in central.

Because creative display is different from simple manufacturing properties, the current manufacturing enterprises of LED display screens are not too many. But with the increasingly serious homogenization of conventional products, it is imperative for some manufacturers to transform creative display areas. But how to cut into the creative display market, the following points are for reference only.

1, reject ordinary, will "alien" carry on to the end. As the beginning of LED creative display, the alien screen has not only classic cases but also deep excavation space. 'the future is the future of big data,' Mr. Ma said. 'we need to live and develop, and we have to rely on big data.' We produce according to the requirements of big data to make things that meet the needs of consumers. What ma said was customized. Customization is the industry scale, the technology reaches a certain degree, the inevitable requirement of industrial upgrading. Common machine-made, novel and unique display would be more attention, as in batch production of average size clothes, must not tailored more fit, the screen as to the development of niche, won by customized products. Customization is the best advantage of the LED display, seamless and arbitrary shape, unlimited size. The enterprise can be transformed from hardware provider to the integrated service provider of screen creative display. The company USES the advantage of LED display screen to design a set of display scheme which can blend with the environment and create atmosphere of atmosphere. Like Gpark in the old city of xi 'an, the company built a crystal in the square according to the connotation of crystal square. With crystal creativity, modeling and connotation, the company has achieved the landmark architecture of xi 'an and the brand of Rio tinto. The shape of the screen is exquisite, its effect is gorgeous, its personality is clear win. The "alien" is almost irreplaceable in the integration of the environment, carrying culture and improving the taste of the pattern.

2. Wild lilies also have spring, the creative display of the conventional screen. Different screen success is predictable, not only because of its distinctive modelling is novel, personality is distinct, the most important thing is that he give full play to its own advantages, to meet the market for creative display. If the alien screen is the hard work of LED creative display, then the connotation is the soft work of LED creative display, so that the regular screen can hold up half the sky. These two years of high-profile AR/VR glasses-free 3 d technology combined with LED display case emerge in endlessly, many leading enterprises also development along this direction to make creative display, such as leah with sichuan zhisheng signed the "virtual reality technology innovation and application of" strategic cooperation agreement. Last month, AlphaGo3:0 beat ke jie, AI reignited the world's eyeball, the combination of AI and the conventional display screen, realizing the feasibility of intelligent creative display. If so, even if the original shape is set aside, as long as there is good material and expression form, LED creative display is still practical and feasible. The conventional displays are relatively inexpensive and mature. Through innovation with content, the combination of high-tech can be used to realize creative ideas, which can be very competitive in the market. High-tech technology is the second spring of regular displays.

3, take a different approach and become an indispensable participant in creativity. The idea was that although it was in recent years, it was not new, and he was always in the public eye with engineering projects. Like the Spring Festival gala, the grand opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, we all feel his charm. However, engineering projects are, for most enterprises, unattainable. The traditional creative display is high threshold, high technology, high input system engineering, long construction cycle, very many enterprises are prohibitive. High cost, high technology makes LED creative display always exist in the cloud, is a niche consumer market. Nowadays, in the market demand, technology mature stage, LED creative display must go to mass consumption, the market is also more and more broad. How to get involved in the creative market is a question that enterprises are thinking. There are two ways in the industry, one is through the realization of the idea that the terminal enters the market. This is the way the industry always exists to provide creative display solutions and supporting services. Take crystal square, for example. The company has received orders to integrate the creative display scheme, construction, control system, display content and so on to realize the creative display through cooperation with third parties. The other is to help others get creative. Enterprises in the LED creative display ecosystem in a loop, make the best price performance products, and then become the supplier of LED creative implementation, finally get creative display market cake. Such as mingxing guang, focusing on the transformation of the special-shaped plate production, by making low cost, high performance products, become the end customer suppliers.

4. Standardization and industrialization of ideas. LED creativity shows that the market is moving towards mass consumption, which is an inevitable trend. The standardization and industrialization of LED creative display is also an inevitable trend. Standardised low-cost LED ideas are the key to opening the market. The standardization of LED creative display is the standardized production of enterprise products, which completes the barrier-free connection between the inter-enterprise realization point and the point and forms a complete ecological chain. The point is that the enterprise is based on its own advantages, or solutions, or modules, or control systems, research and development products, such as the control system of Moses, the module of mingxing light. After realizing an unobstructed connection, the end customer can create a world of weird and strange things according to his own creative needs, or batch copy, or the sky and horse. After the formation of the ecological chain, LED creativity has become a huge toy of building blocks, and players not only have industry people, but also consumers. High-end creative freedom, strong personality color, make the creative display become like music, painting the same popular art.