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Household LED Lights Of Choose And Buy Tip: Choose A Rightness Of Don't Choose!
Feb 24, 2017

一, LED, incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps can't distinguish?

Incandescent lamp is on tungsten filament heating principle of work, is our common round head lamp.

Rely on phosphor luminescence belongs to the category of fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, the price is more expensive than incandescent bulbs.

Leds using diode luminescence principle, energy saving effect is better than energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lights with wattage than 40%.

二, the home what are the types of LED lights?

1. The ball bubble lamp: long and almost incandescent bulb lamp, can be directly replace traditional incandescent light bulbs, energy-saving lamps.

2. LED bulb: using light-emitting diode as light source, suitable for general indoor lighting

3. The dome light: as the name suggests is installed on the ceiling, is commonly used in the lobby, bedroom, bathroom and other high use room.

4. The canister light: embedded in the ceiling interior of sex of lamps and lanterns, all light downward projection, belong to the direct light distribution.

5. Ceiling: general directly to the ceiling, used in corridor, corridor, balcony, toilet, etc. The area light.

6. Shoot the light: for individual buildings, landscape and other specialized facilities lighting, less common household.

7. Intelligent lamp: lighting brightness adjustment, on the strength of the light soft start, timing control, setting the scene, and other functions. In recent years as the development of smart home, intelligent lighting also gradually go to home.

三, choose according to color temperature LED lights

Color temperature nature includes two tonal changes in temperature, the bedroom and living area suggest choose warm color to move the LED lights, and skin close to let a person feel more warm and comfortable.

Need bright light place such as kitchen, basement, recommended the leds that cool color moves.

四, according to the function layout to choose LED lights

Sitting room: general family due to housing height restrictions, choose both size and brightness of the top for best absorption, advocate the lamp must ensure the brightness, or you will feel very depressed. Chandeliers see personal preferences, mainly is beautiful.

Bedroom: the overall light shoulds not be too bright, not suitable for heavy and complicated droplight and decorative lights, sweet and round LED lamp is more appropriate. Bedside lamp is given priority to with warm color, darker as far as possible.

Restaurant: the food is, good lighting can make food more delicious. Such as restaurants, can choose structure more fancy lamp.

Hutch defends the balcony: because of its generally have a condole top, so can choose lamps and lanterns of integration, high brightness, moisture, simple and easy.

五, how to distinguish the quality of LED lamp?

1. See whether there is CCC safety certification marks: China now has a mandatory national standard of the ordinary lighting over 50 v from ballast LED lights safety requirements "(GB24906-2010), so to see whether there is marked on the package.

2. Packing: national compulsory requirements of LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer in the product packaging the following content: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency.

3. Check whether there is any crack, loose on lampshade appearance, whether closely between various interfaces, repair of broken open a trace.

4. Between lamp holder and radiator should not have any loosening or failed.

Household LED lights in addition to the above points is to see the choose and buy is in line with the room design style, if you can accept the price.