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Hong MAO Pharmaceutical Co., LTD In Inner Mongolia's Visit To The Beautiful View Of Concentrated Electrical Technology Co., LTD. Light
Feb 24, 2017

On February 20, 2017 morning, hong MAO pharmaceutical co., LTD in Inner Mongolia in total together with company employees, bright beautiful concentrated electrical technology co., LTD. View and understand bright beautiful led lamps and lanterns of purification, bright beautiful, general manager of poly cold sea sweep ray manager personally reception, and introduced the bright beauty together led to the in total purification lamps and lanterns product name, detailed information, specifications, models, etc. Cold always personally guide in Inner Mongolia, hong MAO pharmaceutical industry limited liability company of a public production workshop of lamps and lanterns.

Inner Mongolia hong MAO pharmaceutical co., LTD is based on high-tech, based on the local livestock products green ecological environment resources and advantages, dominated by medicine, health products development and production, white wine, fruit wine, beverage and other green food development and production as the mainstay, integrating science, industry and trade into an organic whole, combining production, study and research of the joint-stock enterprises. In total to us hong MAO pharmaceutical industry in Inner Mongolia is the main research and development of high-end products, it has three independent scientific research quality inspection units, i.e., the scientific research, laboratory, quality control department; And equipped with advanced gas phase, liquid phase chromatography analyzer, electronic analytical balance, computer monitoring system and other high-tech instruments and equipment, so to the requirement of lamps and lanterns is not low.

In total on the led lamps and lanterns of explosion-proof sex less care in cold combined with the total communication process of the explosion of lamps and lanterns also had a discussion, cold always pointed out that at present a lot of lamps and lanterns manufacturer in the design of the structure of the explosion-proof lamps and lanterns, makers tend to focus on explosion-proof enclosure on the shape and strength design, but often overlooked and form whole shell, transparent parts, fasteners, introducing device suspension, the design of the logo, and other devices; And cold fasteners in the casing design is put forward, always should first distinguish its role in the explosion-proof enclosure, is only plays a role of fastening, or both the tighten role while also ensuring plane on clearance, and then determine the maximum axial load to choose the right bolt. In total also expressed his deep, and looking at the bright beauty also expressed satisfaction after poly led lighting products.

Dongguan bright beautiful concentrated electrical technology co., LTD., founded in 2012, from the led clean lamps and lanterns of research and development, production, sales to service all is bright beautiful condenser electric co., LTD., a complete, the research and development of led lamps and lanterns of purification is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food factory, operating room to purify the demand is higher, bright beauty poly products are conform to the compulsory product certification implementation planning CNCA - C10-01:20 14 requirements, access to the national 3 c certification. The company's main products are LED purification arc light, thin, straight edge, hypotenuse, purification, embedded, emergency suction a top panel lights, LED bracket light, purification tears three lamp, uv lamp, yellow light tubes and other clean room lighting lamps and lanterns. Products are high-grade and beautiful, the quality pass, don't live up to what our customer expects of us.