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High Temperature Warning, How To Cope With Outdoor LED Display
Jul 19, 2017

High temperature warning, how to cope with outdoor LED display

As temperatures continue to rise in recent days, not only do people need to stay out of the heat, but even outdoor "standing guard" LED screens need to be lowered. After the installation of LED display screen, it is not easy to rest easy, and later maintenance will enable the LED display to play its own value better for the public service. In particular, outdoor LED displays not only accept the scorching sun, but also accept the baptism of wind and rain. High temperature is one of the most important "killers" of LED displays.

The temperature of the ED screen is more than that of the chip, which will reduce the luminous efficiency of the LED display, resulting in obvious light failure and damage. LED display in a transparent epoxy resin encapsulation, more if the junction temperature more than solid phase transition temperature is 125 ℃ (usually), the packaging materials will surge to rubber shape and thermal expansion coefficient, resulting in LED display open and failure.

High temperature is the main root cause of LED display screen and shorten the life of LED screen. The light and decline of LED displays are different in different brands. Usually, LED display manufacturers will give a set of standard light - failure curves. High temperature LED display light flux attenuation is not recoverable.

The daily solution of heat dissipation of LED display screen

Air fluid mechanics, using the outer shell shape, creates convective air, which is the minimum cost to strengthen the heat dissipation.

Heat conduction shell, use thermal conductivity material in the shell, increase the housing heat, heat dissipation ability.

Aluminum fins, which are the most common heat dissipation, use aluminum fins as part of the shell to increase heat dissipation.

Surface radiation heat treatment, lamp shell surface to do radiation heat treatment, the simple is to apply radiation heat dissipation paint, can radiate heat with the light shell surface.

Don't say melodramatic, LED screen also wants to blow fan and air conditioning

Although the LED display is a machine, it can also be hot. Under the continuous daily work, the heat emitted is quite large, and if the heat dissipation is not done, the small LED screen will die, and the weight will cause the fire. So don't say it melodramatic, LED screen also needs fan and air conditioning heat dissipation.

When do you need a fan and when you need air conditioning

If you display installation location is near the wall, just to look at the screen can stick out, if can protrude metope one meter position, choose the Suggestions according to the size of fan, the fan is installed in the upper part of the side of the screen, in turn, displaces, if you buy the screen for 80 square ph16 outdoor LED full color, that means you buy fan to 6 units of around 600 mm diameter axial flow fan, the fan is the extraction of the outside, and the cooling fan to ensure that there is network, in order to prevent the technical personnel in the maintenance of maintenance screen display when other things sucked through the clothes according to personal injury, in order to waterproof, aluminous model board without the fan outlet on the aluminum alloy blinds.

The display that hangs a wall also can install air conditioning, want to make sure the host of air conditioning is put, do not affect the whole appearance of the wall. North city 12 square 1P air conditioning calculation; The southern city USES 9 square 1P air conditioning. If the area of outdoor LED display screen is bigger, air conditioning will go to the factory directly, if go to the store to buy the area is not large, but there are calls compensation function displays the cooling air conditioning.

If the LED display installation way is the pillar, the best fan is used to heat, fan installed on the big screen on the back of aluminum-plastic plate, best to up, so that when it rains in the form of rain of make it shutter not into the screen inside, if is a double column, will in the intermediate position of the double column several shutter, arranges the window is the air inlet, the above is the vent fan, so form a complete air convection makes the effect of heat dispelling better. Of course air conditioning is also ok, the cost is higher. The position that should rely on good air conditioning, may not affect integral beautiful.