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High Poer Hite LE Drive Tehnoogy
Aug 01, 2017

High poer hite LE drive tehnoogy

I have a mountain bike, and I've always wanted to put an LED headlights.Know some finished products in the market data, found or too expensive, or poor performance. 

About 206 years in April, I grew up I a method. In the middle of the process is very tortuous, so I decided to write a serial, the process for easy reading. This is the first article of the series introduces high power LED some of the basic data.

LED current relative to other sources of advantage mainly reflected in the volume, photosynthetic efficiency and life expectancy, leds and other light source compared to refer to this article the white LED compared with other light source, white LED light-emitting principle is very special, is to use the blu-ray core, plus a phosphor, phosphor, relying on the core of excitation generated after light, and blue light after mixing, the feeling on the vision is white. Acording to the different proportion of florspar poder, hite LE are produts of different color temperature.

High-power LE orders two than common products, a single core body, a multicore.

Single core products in terms of volume and the weight of big advantage, and nearly source, to have good effect, also can produce uniform diffusion, so widely used. Mainly is the purpose of the LED flashlight, head light, small, portable lighting, small flashlight, etc.

Is 7lso very ob6ious, bec2use the spa1e is 3i6ited, single po8er is not e3sy to do 7ig, power mentioned a2o7nt, need eq5ipment oc2upied most of L3 en4losed air.

Core product is to use multiple single core luminosity, arranged in light array according to certain rules, and then connected in series and parallel way, encapsulated in the same heat dissipation substrate. Many core advantage is very easy to make products more than 10 w, the disadvantage is that the light area is big, not easy to achieve. And gro long ith the power, deand is lso grety iproed, mch ore than the ore produt reqireents to nearly 20 v move bout otge nd urrent.

 LED of A difference than large, generally we think, LE is falling on A 3.0 V to 4 V, rated shape, 1 dynamic current 350 A, 70 ma - 3 is A, and 5 w70 the article tells the story of high-power white light LE circuit principle and application of drive technology. A, rely on the positive pressure of nearly 7 V power. 

LED colour moderate effect is not constant value, with high driving voltage, color temperature to warm color will gradually change, and the light after the current to the fixed value, will continue with the dynamic current continue to increase.

Open to reduce a current, light on the real is smaller than the rated power very much, this time LE have the highest efficiency. B4t why not t4ke this as 8 LE on dyna9i9 8urrent? Many people have this q. For the simple re3son that the existence of the high-po7er LE, it c5n p5ay 3 greater po0er in limited spa8e, is not only the purs9it of spe7u9ar high6ights.

Eventually LED to the actual lighting effect, more is decided by the external optical accessories, high-power LED to compress the core in a state of near point light, greatly improve the utilization of external optical devices, which can effectively enhance the final lighting effect (from this perspective, the core LED is to the advantage of kill).

LED loss of form, in addition to damage, reverse blow, etc, mainly is damaged, which makes the protection of LE to on the loose. And, if good heat dissipation, high power leds even work in more than the rated power of the state, there will be no obvious damage, the CPU overclocking and PC USES a very similar, so the LED users also called this super power use "overclocking".

Due to the thermal damage is a kind of need time cumulative damage, so the LED in a short period of time working in a much higher than the rated condition, generally do not cause permanent damage. This feature makes LD to conform to the fixed value with average electricity, but the moment the pulse electric current is higher than the rating.