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HELIO Is A Waterproof, Endurance - Powered Mini LED Outdoor Light
Sep 15, 2017

HELIO is a waterproof, endurance - powered mini LED outdoor light

Although this is a time for mobile phones to be a flashlight, if you go to an outdoor camping adventure, you can't hang your cell phone in your tent. Professional gadgets still have their value.

HELIO is a very mini outdoor LED light, only 45 grams. It's like a large die, and it won't be a burden. But don't underestimate it, its brightness is as high as 220 lumens, the distance reaches 20 meters, hanging in the tent reading is not a problem.

Of course, waterproof is necessary for outdoor LED lights, and HELIO is no exception. But it has the advantage of design and its integration at the bottom of the magnet, you can easily install the use of all kinds of accessories to achieve flexible form, such as install hooks to hang in a tent, direct stick on the bike, of course, also can be easily hang in the body, night running is not out of the question.

HELIO also has a remarkable range of endurance, with a built-in battery that can be used for 10 hours of lighting and electricity for only 20 minutes. With a portable power source, 10000mAh can achieve 400 hours of battery life and a week in the mountains.

In addition, still can buy lamp shade fittings, let HELIO light become more downy, more atmosphere, make a little romance at home is also a kind of play method.


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