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Have Requirement Of Outbreak Of Intelligent Lighting, Time Will Be 2017?
Mar 06, 2017

With wisdom city, as a basic part of wisdom urban intelligent lighting, in the major provinces and cities to develop the wisdom of the city policy, usher in a new round of development opportunities.

As early as September last year, the Beijing municipal development and reform commission, Beijing municipal finance bureau jointly issued by the "Beijing" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "green lighting project implementation plan", points out that in 2019 and 2020, comprehensively promote the municipal industrial park, school, hospital intelligent lighting upgrade project.

Intelligent lighting development is unstoppable

High LED review in 2016 found that really last year, many domestic enterprises in busy layout intelligent lighting market, such as huawei, millet, haier, zte, jingdong, etc. More and more well-known brands began to cross-border intelligent lighting, city layout wisdom related industrial chain.

In April 2016, huawei and opple intelligent household strategic cooperation framework agreement, to establish strategic partnership in the field of smart home.

In October 2016, haier launched its professional lighting brand haier small housekeeper, aims to be intelligent lighting industry leader.

In November 2016, signed an agreement, philips lighting and millet components new joint venture company, a total of pushing the development of smart + connected home lighting.

Millet, vice President of pfund said, philips has been working and family launched a few desk lamp, the subsequent will bring more and better lighting products. For this, his millet iec product planning director quipped: "the lights just try, more products still on the way."

Recently, leishi and launched jointly by companies such as haier household less hai hui and live web signed a strategic cooperation agreement, declared officially into the intelligent household ecosystem. And before this, leishi has completed with the Chinese academy of sciences wisdom city construction strategic cooperation signing, attempt to layout of outdoor lighting city.

In addition, international lighting companies are targeted in the field of intelligent lighting, such as philips lighting, osram, schneider, companies such as GE lighting, also has its own advantage field to permeate intelligent lighting.


Intelligent lighting conditions objectively has broke out

There is no denying the fact that intelligent lighting to enhance the quality of life, improve the work efficiency, enhance the level of management plays an important role. The development of intelligent lighting space is huge, with higher standards of living, will become increasingly common, the application of intelligent lighting will become the new wind of lighting industry development.

Opple CTO JiXiaoMing said, "under the trend of the Internet of things, after recent years of exploration and development, intelligent lighting market has laid a good foundation, objectively with the outbreak of conditions."

Nowadays, both buildings, hotels and other professional intelligent lighting and civil household intelligent lighting, an ecological system based on Internet of things intelligent lighting has been formed and iteration, optimization and development continuously.

"Intelligent lighting is a from the development of the" control, intelligence, wisdom, and now we have already had a "single lamp intelligent control" stage, is from the "intelligence" to the "wisdom" stage, and to realize the "wisdom" is a long-term process of evolution, the development of intelligent lighting there is still a long road." JiXiaoMing said.

Ming, general manager of microelectronics Li Zhaohua, agreed that "nowadays intelligent lighting is still in its infancy, even said that are still in research stage."

IC or will become intelligent lighting development driving force

If in the past the intelligent lighting is more based on lighting the wishful thinking of the enterprise, so this year, as the Internet of things big ecological gradually formed, intelligent lighting may be able to find the real driving force.

General manager in ZhuoNai Fan Zhikai opinion, after the last two years of research and development innovation, the acceptance of the intelligent lighting is higher and higher. Before technology not mature enough, now has improved, especially in the field of IC, more and more mature, really achieve simplification, to implement low cost.

Li Zhaohua also stressed that "the lamp is a lamp, it must be simple, and the linear is the simplest."

Intelligent lighting is mainly manifested in the dimming, color mixing, flirting, perception, emotional aspects, such as induction, perceptual move light toning is a common pursuit of the personage inside course of study, in the future, dimmer IC will be the trend.

Indeed, as the intelligent lighting market combination is on the rise of the concept of smart home and wisdom city, intelligent lighting driver IC also was in full swing, this also directly promote the intelligent control function, innovation and development of the LED driver IC.

"Without a doubt, towards intelligent is the inevitable trend for the future development of LED lighting, and to realize intelligent driver IC is the most important part of industry chain." Li Zhaohua mentioned.

In short, when it comes to intelligent lighting before most people think that was just a concept, and development to the local implementation has already started to fall to the ground. Home lighting, office lighting, commercial lighting, for instance, the indoor lighting has begun to gradually applied, outdoor lighting as part of an independent existence, of course, also in further application.