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Gradual Recovery LED Backlight Market Season Has Come Early
Jul 12, 2017

Gradual recovery LED backlight market season has come early

Review of the previous year LED backlight market, was a bleak, the overall profit is in a state of sharply decline. However, last year's slowly climbing phase, the LED backlight market this year or will usher in a new recovery.

In the previous year LED backlight market, the rapid decline in product quotation and lighting for the demand of the market than expected, LED to the completely in the margin. And due to rapid expansion this year China LED manufacturers, LED to a glut of products at a low price but little sales. In addition, represented by TV backlight demand market demand for backlight terminal slow growth, LED backlight the vigor of the market fell sharply. This situation continued in the last year.

In 2013, LED backlight market profit started slowly climb. Investigate its reason mainly is the partial factory especially mainland small factory was forced to fail for a grim, eased the scene makes supply exceeds demand, coupled with the permeability because of the already very low price to increase rapidly. Although this year and can't expect the market to have a profitable turn, but it has laid a good groundwork for the next year the market recovery.

In this year, all sorts of conditions are displayed with LED backlight market will get the recovery this year. First of all, TV backlight, for example, because of the push of the mainland TV brand, LED backlight in the permeability of this market from the beginning of the last year has sharply higher.

In this year, in 2014, LED backlight in the television market can fully replace the cold cathode tube. Second, although the current LED products production has become easier, but due to consumer demands for the quality of the products is getting higher and higher, has higher requirement for the manufacturer of LED products. The technology is not advanced, excellent produce innovative products in succession of small and medium-sized manufacturers will face collapse or into specializing LED downstream products, the rest will be high quality large enterprises with high technology content, and will gradually grow. For the control of market saturation, improve the quality of the whole market plays a vital role. The future companies will be more and more concentrated in the direction of the innovation, channel, brand, market will eventually be eliminated most no capital competition of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Several Taiwan LED manufacturers, according to the revenue data published under the backlight, lighting and other products demand, February industry off-season not weak, has a tendency to enter the peak season in advance. Among them, the chips leading electricity due to the lighting order, revenue from February 1 month bucked up nearly 5%, compared with the same period saw the high.

From the recent performance, Taiwan LED industry chain upstream chip corporate revenue growth is generally more than middle encapsulation. To this, ubs securities, the report says, the LED chip supply exceeds demand has fallen to 15% last year, only 4% this year, is expected to supply relative tension. Promising situation in the industry, the largest chip companies flexibility.