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Global Solar Street Lamps Market Situation And Development Trend
Feb 24, 2017

From 2016 to 2020, the global market is expected to solar street lamps at a 19% compound annual rate of growth. The global market is subdivided into two kinds of products are solar street lamps, fluorescent lamps and leds. At present the market is given priority to with fluorescent lamps, accounting for 62% of the market.

The rapid growth of the solar street lamps market is mainly in order to meet the needs of the growing, the lights to reduce the power consumption, guarantee the safety of the residents and pedestrians.

In 2015, the asia-pacific region accounts for 46% of the market, Europe Middle East and Africa accounted for 30%, accounted for 23% of America

The asia-pacific region: China and India government incentives to promote growth

With the largest market share in the asia-pacific region. This is mainly attributable to countries such as India and China to promote energy-saving lamps, and China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, there are many LED chips and assembly house.

The Indian government focus on the development of intelligent city, aims to built at least 100 wisdom city 2030 years ago. Different from traditional street lamp, solar LED cost-effective, because it does not need to be connected to the grid, is very feasible in the sunny countries, is the ideal choice of the off-grid use. Even after dark, remote areas of solar street light is still functioning normally, this will raise the level of the local people's life. These factors will lead to 1000 villages installed solar LED street light. Many villages in India, China and Africa are installing solar LED street light.

In 2015, the European is solar street lighting markets around the world's second largest revenue contributors. Market is mainly set by the government's energy efficiency and renewable energy target drive, which promoted the European the installation of solar street light. In Britain, the street lamp occupy about 40% of the energy consumption, therefore, the government authorities combining solar and LED lights. This solution helps to reduce CO2 emissions, save energy costs at the same time. Philips has launched a product solar street lamps, energy-saving street lamp lighting system helps to shift the traditional lighting.

Sunny southern Europe and the Middle East, can use off-grid system.

The Egyptian government is installing solar street lamp, in order to reduce the load of power grid. Many parts of Africa are still dependent on traditional lighting. Several cities in this area has been installed solar street lighting system, improve the social and economic conditions of rural and urban population.

America: Brazil and the United States for solar street lamps have the highest demand

The government vigorously promote energy-saving industry. LED and decline in the cost of solar panels, improve performance and promote the United States the installation of solar street light. Company in 2016, Las Vegas and New York EnGoPLANET cooperation install solar street lamp, to change the traditional energy, the use of sustainable and renewable new energy.

Although the United States in the north American market dominance of solar street lamps, solar street lights in South America market in Brazil is in the lead. Brazil since 2013 to invest heavily in the LED street light. Brazil R20Hub is a leading large LED street lamp lighting solution, goals in 13 cities nationwide coverage 1.5 million lamps, in order to reduce the pressure of the power grid.