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Filament Lamps Are The Least Harmful To The Eyes, Most Suitable For Reading And Home Lighting
Jan 06, 2018

The phenomenon of juvenile myopia is becoming more and more serious. In order to avoid myopia, it is also important to take the initiative to keep away from light pollution and choose suitable lamps. Which kind of luminaire is suitable? From an optical measurement point of view, filament lamps are the least harmful to the eyes and are most suitable for reading and home lighting.

It is understood that in recent years, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. People pay more attention to the harm of water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution to human health, but we have not found the potential threat -- noise and light pollution. With the development of city construction and the progress of science and technology, architecture and interior decoration in the daily life of the mirror, tiles and white walls increasing, close reading and writing book paper use more and more smooth, people put a man-made environment itself in a "strong weak color" in. Once you don't pay enough attention to light pollution, the consequences are all kinds of eye diseases, especially the rise in the rate of myopia. If stimulated by strong light for a long time, it will cause retinal edema and blur, which will seriously damage the photoreceptors and even affect the eyesight of the retina. Sun Xun, an optical metrology inspector of the Metrology Institute, said, "the stronger the light is, the longer the time will be, the greater the irritation to the eyes, so we should avoid these environments as much as possible."

It is also important to choose lamps and lanterns, apart from the light pollution environment. The three kinds of lamps we often use in life are incandescent, energy-saving and LED, which are more suitable for reading three kinds of lamps and lanterns. In fact, the selection of lamps and lanterns for reading is mainly based on lighting parameters such as illuminance, color temperature and color rendering index. From the above three parameters, filament lamp has the least harm to eyes, and most suitable for reading and home lighting. He reminded people, especially young people, to avoid harmful radiation such as blue light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation in life, so as to avoid looking at the electronic screen such as cell phone, tablet PC and computer for a long time. After a period of time, we should have a moderate rest and do work and rest.


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