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Don't Fear Cloud Covered Within The Good Luck Body Is In A Spring Reception Would
Jul 19, 2017

Don't fear cloud covered within The good luck body is in a spring reception would 

Green smoke outside xiao Yang cold light, accidentallyalso a red almond trees the awaken of spring. Spring has come, my friend, long time no see! You at this time, perhaps is faltering in order to survive, or perhaps to small profit, also may be listed in order to rack one's brains. Buoyant struggling, let it be! Facing the opportunity and challenge over the next three years, hard to avoid stray, hope someone can guide, a dark day seem bright.

High LED give you the chance to "rally, start" as the theme of the 2016 high LED a spring reception meeting will be held on March 20, green world in shenzhen (Sunday) afternoon, the meeting invited industry chain on the middle and lower reaches of well-known enterprises, head of common talk 2016 LED industry trends. High flying elder brother will analysis and forecast for 2016 LED industry.

Not romantic, only chat industries. From the chip to the encapsulation, from accessories to the device, from accessories to the application of a spring reception guests will cover the LED industry throughout the supply chain. Start guests including hong photoelectric, the star light electricity, microelectronics, crystal table shares, jing ke electronic, teng sheng industry, YouYan rare earth, MAO power supply, igor to recognize, emeralds, constant shares such as the relevant person in charge of enterprises.

Dazzle photoelectric Zhao Yutao chairman once said, "for the LED domestic enterprises, if 2015 is to boil, then 2016 is." He had a lot of colleagues in the industry recognition. Survived the winter of 2015, 2016 since the beginning of spring is that how warm. No high profits, and that is the beginning of the integration. In 2016 was destined to integration tide.

Policy, as the national key support of the new industry, the LED is also talked about the two sessions. "Zombie" enterprises to clear the market have been proposed as a key issue. Guangdong province people's congress, said zhu xiaodan zombie companies will not be able to create social value, not only will be a huge waste of social resources, its product and the quality of care, also brings the risk of industry overcapacity.

And this, is especially apparent in the LED industry. For such enterprise will through restructuring, bankruptcy and other means, let it completely withdraw from the market, effectively solve the problem of excess production capacity. And guangdong province will set up the database of state-owned and non-state-owned "zombie" companies, realize the "zombie" companies market clearing in 2018. Forecast, only less than 10% of the LED business will be left.