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Data Analysis Of The Development Of LED Epitaxial Chip Industry In 2015
Sep 18, 2017

Data analysis of the development of LED epitaxial chip industry in 2015

China's LED chip market in 2015

1. China's LED chip companies have completed the "curve overtaking", becoming the world's largest manufacturer of LED chips, with capacity far beyond the Taiwan region and Japan and other countries. Especially in the period 2010-2014, with support from the local government subsidy, equipment production capacity rapidly expanded, MOCVD sets by 683 units in 2011 to 2015 in 1083, especially 2013-2015, the new equipment for all the latest equipment, production capacity is equivalent to 2.2 4 times in the past.

2. The rise of leading upstream chip enterprises of LED, the professional market to explore "new blue sea". LED lighting actively expands market share, and LED display technology upgrades such as high resolution, presenting high growth momentum in market demand. SAN 'an optoelectronics has the world's number one chip equipment capacity, which is irreplaceable to become the leading enterprise in the industry. Wei lang photoelectric, harmony, HuaCan photoelectric chip companies such as the focus of science and technology using their own advantages to meet customer demand, such as wei lang photoelectric continued focus in high brightness LED on the application of green light, UV -, China star semiconductor obtained rapid development; With the acquisition of Qingdao jiesheng, yu-rong technology dabbled in the terminal application of uva-uvc different bands... Since then, the virtuous circle of quality enterprise of LED chip has begun to highlight.

2015 China LED chip profit rate situation

Previously, the LED chip industry due to massive investment capacity release of the new prices fell sharply, at the same time, the LED packaging industry faces the middle profit squeeze link, accounts receivable cycle longer, gross margin, slipping drag on the LED chip collection and production arrangement. The conundrum of "increasing revenue and not increasing profits" seems to be more pronounced in the field of LED chips. Other companies have performed poorly, with a general gross margin of 10 to 20 per cent.

As the leader of the domestic LED chip industry, SAN 'an photoelectric can be "veritable", or subsidize, or expand, the development is in full swing, Q3 performance is also continuously rising. The report showed that the revenue of SAN 'an photovoltaic Q3 was 13.1 billion yuan, up 0.69 percent from a year earlier, and a net profit of 543 million yuan, up 41.39 percent from a year earlier. It is worth mentioning that the net profit of SAN 'an was as high as 14.47 billion yuan in the first three quarters, which directly forced the net profit of 146.2 billion yuan in 2014.

China LED chip export in 2015

It is understood that the main manufacturing base of LED packaging is concentrated in Asia and the United States. For the United States, with CREE chip suppliers, Lumileds, encapsulation is more complete, at home or Taiwan and components sales results in selling to the global market, in the upstream belongs to the closed loop, it is difficult to enter. Japan and South Korea is special, on the one hand, with its huge chip manufacturing and packaging capacity, at the same time a large number of entrusted to Taiwan factory OEM processing chip and encapsulation device, main participants for Taiwanese, Chinese chip factory is hard to break into.

The Taiwan LED chip and encapsulation are in a highly competitive and oligopoly state. Only the core advantages such as the centralized patent and price of China's leading company, SAN 'an photovoltaic, can impact the Taiwan LED chip supply chain. SAN 'an optoelectronics export LED chip to Taiwan, mainly for a hundred million light electronic supply chips. At present, Taiwanese business in China is faced with the pressure of competition, was forced to adopt domestic chip, 2014 light-years electronic monthly purchase chips amount is in 10 million yuan, in the second half of this year to around 30 million yuan a month.