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CSYS LED Light | Accompany You Spend Time Long
Feb 22, 2017

Today to introduce this kind of lamp CSYS LED Light, is by the designer Jake Dyson designed and launched in 2015. The new LED bulbs in addition to possess very high light quality, the biggest characteristic is the life for amazing 37 years, than on the market most of LED lamp of 5-17 years of life is much longer.

Jake Dyson, this name might be a bit strange, but his father Sir James Dyson, the inventor, industrial designers, as well as Dyson, the founder of the company we all must be more or less heard of his work. Such as a dyson hakaze fan ~

Jake Dyson, like his father, is one of the most distinguished inventors, engineers and industrial designers, he started a company and your name, focus on high quality design of lamps and lanterns (later the company merges into Dyson co, become one of the products). He inherited his father's product design ideas to technical innovation is the leading product, and then on the premise of not against technology products elegant appearance.

Above mentioned, the lamps and lanterns is the biggest characteristic is to use a long life.

It also does not use special light bulbs, only the temperature of the adopted the most advanced management techniques. General LED lighting will rise to 130 ℃, so the life of the product is only 50000 hours. But CSYS LED Light USES special cooling technology, make the LED bulb joint reduced to 53.4 ℃, the temperature of the reach of long life can be used for more than 16 hours. And the LED brightness and color can also be consistent for a long time, assuming that use 12 hours a day, that means it can be used for 37 years and lighting effects will not discount!!!!

Jake is computer semiconductor use vacuum heat pipe technology (the technology developed by NASA, the earliest used for artificial satellite). He bought various brands of computer, the heat pipe of the computers to research and analyze the world's largest heat pipe manufacturing plant, eventually developed for use in the LED tube.

The heat generated by the heat pipe technology to LED by aluminum alloy radiator (graphic boom, built-in multiple sensor chip and clever cooling loop), thus can be used in high density, high power LED light source, and at the same time avoid the lamp body is overheating.

Eight successive LED bulbs, maximum brightness 56 lm/W, power consumption of only 8.8 W. Each lamp bead have their respective conical chimney to avoid glare, they cast a warm white color is comfort higher, and not as part of the LED lamp light blue. This is also one of the clever of the lamp.

Jake Dyson to CSYS carry on a construction crane rigid support, the stability of the consumer does not need to worry about it. CSYS parsing is "coordinate system", which means like 3 d coordinate system, using three sets of bearings, you can be vertical, horizontal, rotate to adjust the position of the light source to any one location.

Light source position on the fixed way, Jake also has carried on the reform. The positioning of the past most use of tension, such as clamping or deformation metal itself, but now, a weighted pulley system, using the gravity of the lamp itself can fixed source location.

Fixtures are built into the touch sensor, a finger gently stroked will adjust brightness, control process is handsome.

First this lamp only feel it modelling concise, clean lines, agile modeling, fashion design sense; Understand its various details after deeply in love with it, also for Jake. Maybe a good design is so so, by all sorts of details will know its value.