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China Has Given Green Light To The LED Display Company Belt And Road
Nov 06, 2017

China has given green light to the LED display company Belt and Road

China is the most important LED display production and export base in the world. China LED display manufacturers have produced more than 80% of LED displays in the world. At present, more than 160 countries worldwide purchase LED displays from China. Europe and the United States are the major markets for LED display output in China. However, as the markets in North America and Europe tend to become saturated and market access is more difficult, more domestic LED display exporters in recent years have turned their attention to the Belt and Road Cities and some emerging markets.

China has given green light to the LED display enterprises "Belt and Road" and the countries along the "Belt and Road" are all "fat meat" for the LED display enterprises. These are the countries where the LED display is blank and just need these LED display enterprises The "fill", just to form a complementary relationship. LED display business is also a matter of course to catch the "Belt and Road" ship. In addition to LED display business has brought a new market, the "Belt and Road" LED display can still solve any problems?

At present, the LED display industry is in the surplus production capacity stage, then, LED display industry can use the "One Belt and One Road" will be a lot of excess capacity to go overseas to take advantage of the huge local market demand, we now have these curing capacity into a new Investing can not only solve overcapacity but also stimulate economic growth in these regions so as to achieve mutual benefits.

Give a simple example, such as China LED display LED display sales to foreign countries, but earned are in foreign currency, returned to buy raw materials are used in RMB, so companies take foreign currency to the bank for RMB, the bank's foreign currency more More and more can not go out, but just now there is no financial resources along the line and the LED display industry is scarce, then the bank can find the domestic LED display business cooperation with the country, China's money, the domestic LED display business Contract raw materials and technology. If a foreign country with financial problems has no ability to repay its funds, China will propose that it be managed by the enterprise and be repaid with the profits earned. In this way, the country can build a LED display factory without spending a penny, learn technology, increase local jobs, China also spent foreign exchange, digested excess capacity, companies can make money from it, Achieve a win-win situation.

At the same time, from the original intention of the "Belt and Road" national strategy, it is not a new round of internationalization seeking incremental growth but a truly new globalization strategy that will create a win-win situation of global integration. First of all, China pursues a multi-lateral win-win strategy instead of pursuing unilateral profit-making. Secondly, China hopes not to shift excess capacity to the outside world but to win win-win cooperation in manufacturing capacity and at home and abroad by exporting Chinese-made systems, methods and instruments, National resources, manpower, industry and other open up; Furthermore, not only the pursuit of simple going out, but also seek to introduce to achieve win-win situation between China and all countries in the world.

Therefore, for the LED display enterprises in China, the implementation and promotion of the "One Belt and One Road" national strategy not only involves simply participating in the cake-making of overseas business opportunities, taking the opportunity of overseas markets as the second and third China Market, to achieve the revenue growth and profit growth; but to encourage more Chinese enterprises to go out, take the initiative to embrace the world, integrate the world's top resources, including technology, talent, wisdom docking, standing on the stage of the world Plastic new strength of Chinese enterprises.

At present, the "One Belt, One Road" construction has taken a solid step. The next step is to push it forward with stability and the future. Participate in the "Belt and Road" construction for the benefit of the people of all countries in the world, win-win cooperation, co-construction and sharing forward, China's LED display business long way to go, let us look forward to LED display industry how to "play" this " play".