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Can LED Lights Go Into The Classroom?
Jul 07, 2017

Can LED lights go into the classroom?

"Students are best to read with natural light and the natural spectrum is seven colors". Yesterday was the national eye day, and the use of light-source lighting in classrooms has caused some experts to pay attention. Zhongshan university students science college professor wen-liang zhou said, "if you want to use auxiliary illuminant, at present the most LED lights market single blue light is too strong, from the perspective of protecting teenagers eyes, personally, I temporarily not recommended to use in the classroom."

"Students it is best to use natural light", the national health development planning commission school hygiene standards committee mak said that chengdu is QiSeGuang natural sunlight, light source close to the sun is the most safe, "but, on the specific use of it, the school the classroom window side and on the classroom wall side, there's a big deviation of natural light, which makes the classroom needs to be installed within the reasonable auxiliary light source."

With the development of LED in emerging industries, LED lights have been used in some schools to enter classrooms, playgrounds and other fields. Professor zhou wenliang recently completed a review article on the visual and non-visual effects of white light LED lights.

According to professor zhou wenliang, the current lighting in the market is mostly white light, which is used to stimulate yellow phosphors and create white light through the blue light chip. Because use blu-ray pump, inevitably contains excessive amounts of blue light, color temperature, the higher the blu-ray component, the more excessive blu-ray is likely to lead to retinal damage and chaos in the human birth rhythms. "Therefore, from the perspective of protecting students' health, I am not advocating the application in the classroom, the playground outside the classroom and the corridor can be illuminated by LED."