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BR30 Long Life, Outdoor Waterproof Smart Light Bulb
Sep 14, 2017

BR30 long life, outdoor waterproof smart light bulb

The user can install the BR30 in any place outside the house where they need to be lit - pool, lawn, fence, etc. Because of the need to work outdoors, the bulb must be waterproof and waterproof. The smart bulb has a waterproof class of IP64, which can't be soaked directly in the water, but there is no problem with rain or splashing water.

In terms of lighting, the smart LED light has a power of only 15 watts, which USES low power consumption, but the average bulb with a brightness of about 75 to 100 watts is of a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, so it is still very energy efficient.

It is worth mentioning that BR30 utilizes the technology of ilumi company to conduct data communication through the MeshTek bluetooth communication technology and light bulbs within 150 feet (46 meters). There is no need for a central controller to participate in the communication process. With such a wide range of communications, the number of bulbs that can be added to a communications network at one time is about 50. Using this technology, ilumi's smart bulbs can break through many of the shackles, including installing smart bulbs in places where WiFi signals are hard to get outside.

It's not as bad as other smart products, the official said. The smart light is durable and is expected to last 20 years.

On the smart side, BR30 can be used in many devices and systems such as mobile phone App (support for iOS and Android), Nest, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, Android Wear and IFTTT. In the supporting App of BR30, users first need to complete the setup steps of BR30, and then they can begin to enjoy the convenience of BR30. The features of the BR30 App include "vacation mode" - the ability to turn off the lights at a fixed time when the user is on a vacation, to create a false impression of people and to prevent theft. Other features include "music sync" - a built-in bluetooth voice that allows BR30 to flicker on a song's rhythm and adjust the atmosphere; Change the color of the lights and so on.


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