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As The Competition For LED Chip Companies Intensifies, Who Can Be Better
Aug 30, 2017

As the competition for LED chip companies intensifies, who can be better

Type at present, the domestic power lighting level LED chip products in photosynthetic efficiency, life and reliability performance aspects have made great progress, develop graphics substrate, a transparent electrode and the omni-directional reflector and a series of key technology.Domestic chips are expected to gradually penetrate and eventually replace imported chips with superior performance and competitive price advantage.

At the present stage, China's LED chip industry has mainly formed the supply chain of several large chip manufacturers, such as SAN 'an optoelectronic, huacan photoelectric, dehaunda, tongfang, SJM and photoelectric, etc. At the same time, with the breakthrough of the silicon substrate LED technology, the chip enterprises represented by crystal energy are expected to take a different approach.

In recent years, because of "price war" and "crazy expansion" of competition, the prices of upstream chip products have been repeatedly hit bottom. In 2016, the LED industry rebounded and the rate of expansion of capacity expansion slowed, and chip companies such as crystal and SAN 'an increased their prices, leading the LED industry to hang up another round of "rising tide".

In 2017, the concentration of the LED industry is further improved, the competition of the industry is more rational, and all the leading LED chip companies have also moved towards different development paths.